Another Alchemist is naturally Duan Xiaomei. She has studied for a short time, but she has Lingtian in hand. She has a deep understanding of alchemy. In addition, Duan Qiong sent her to the spirit gathering array in time and rain. In addition, she obtained a Danlu from the place of inheritance. She reluctantly represented the Duan family in the competition

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For other sons, Tong Cheng has never been so indulgent to To

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The patriarch rubbed his hands hard and carefully took over the two jade slips. Just glancing at them, he felt that the content was so much that the divine consciousness was strongly absorbed. He quickly took back his divine knowledge, solemnly put the jade slips into his storage bag, prepared to go back and transcribe them into books with the elder, and officially established the Dan Hall and Fu hall in Duan\’s family

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A woman not only lost her beauty, but also became so ugly. L

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