Mu Zhao nodded and let them get up.

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Lin Cheng looked at the person opposite his eyes calmly and said, \”apologize? Did you ask Lin Xuan\’s attitude? You\’ll decide for him like this.\” when Lin Guoqiang heard that there was a play? He said with a happy face: \”don\’t worry, I opened my mouth. He must listen. As long as you apologize, it will be over.\” Lin Cheng laughed, \”Why should I apologize? It\’s absolutely impossible to ask me to apologize. Besides, I don\’t want to go back. Don\’t come to me in the future.\” Lin Guoqiang was a little angry and laughed at me. \”If you don\’t go back, don\’t come back in the future!\” He sternly warned Lin Cheng and looked at Li Siyu with special dissatisfaction. Li Siyu:???? why, you can\’t control your son and want to annoy others? Lin Cheng ignored him and directly took Li Siyu away from here. Before leaving, Li Siyu smiled and nodded to Lin Guoqiang. I\’m so angry with you. Lin Guoqiang was really angry with her, he thought in his heart, if not When the girl appeared, Lin Cheng should marry Feng Suyuan or Zhu Yiting! Chapter 286 after Lin Cheng left with Li Siyu for the new year, Lin Guoqiang didn\’t want to find Lin Yan, so he turned around and left directly. When Li Siyu returned home, he saw Lin Cheng as if nothing had happened, so he didn\’t mention what had just happened. Anyway, he didn\’t say it, so he didn\’t touch the mold. The next morning, the Li family died Several people came. It was the fourth Li Siwen and his wife who came back with their two children. It was estimated that they would have to go to work. The old lady saw that the two people didn\’t give a good face. She still hated what had happened before. When one or two disliked her, they thought they couldn\’t forget it. Li Siwen and his wife knew what was going on and kept smiling, \”Mom, we\’ve come to pay New Year\’s greetings to you.\” \”yes, I\’m happy for the new year.\” Sun Li also sat next to the old lady with a smiling face. The old lady couldn\’t see them anywhere, and Bai Leng didn\’t say a word.

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