Her ignorant appearance made Mu Zhao hate secretly in her heart.

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When Peng lingman and Liu Chengxue left, Lin Cheng asked, \”what\’s the game just said?\” \”Liu Chengxue\’s family came to rob for money. Let her find you and you can take it.\” Li Siyu looked at him like a curious baby. Lin Cheng nodded to understand, \”I know. Then I\’ll let Li Kang find her.\” \”as soon as I leave, I don\’t know how long I\’ll be back.\” Li Siyu suddenly sighed. Lin Cheng looked at her white face. It seemed that the people he had seen were not as white as Li Siyu. He didn\’t know why Li Siyu suddenly sighed, but looked at her side face in a daze. Li Siyu turned his head and surrounded his arm. \”I\’ll come back to see you when I have time. If you\’re not busy, you can also find me.\” \”Hmm\” Lin Cheng\’s voice was low and magnetic. This one, um, contains a lot of reluctance and thousands of words. Li Siyu looked up at his affectionate eyes, smiled at each other, and then sat quietly on the chair in the yard. The next morning, Li Siyu cooked a large pot of vegetable lean meat porridge in a large pot. Then slowly with a bucket of water, it is estimated that there will be no problem eating breakfast for a year. Then I cooked a large pot of boiled eggs, mixed cold vegetables with cucumbers, and made steamed buns and flower rolls. Just making breakfast, she did a little more and put them all into the space while it was hot. In the afternoon, we began to stew rice, pancakes, all kinds of pies, oil cakes, scallion cakes and egg cakes, which are more complete than breakfast shops. She knows that in recent years, I\’m afraid there\’s no time to cook. In case she can\’t get used to eating in the canteen, she can open a small stove. There was no place to cook, so she had to prepare it in advance. This is also the main reason why she left early. Be ready for everything. Stewed chicken with mushrooms, stewed chicken with potatoes, braised chicken nuggets, braised fish, boiled fish, sliced meat, fried fish and boiled shrimp until it was dark. The smell of Li Siyu\’s home drifted far away. \”Mom, I want to eat meat.\” there was a child crying next door. \”You look like meat to me. Hurry to sleep!\” a woman scolded

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