After a few bites, she got up.

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Cao Zhiqun looked at the girl opposite. He was not nervous at all. He was very satisfied. He slowed down and said, \”Secretary Li, sit down and say.\” Li Siyu obediently sat opposite him, then straightened up, smiled and said, \”Vice Mayor Cao asked me to explain anything?\” Cao Zhiqun nodded with a smile and said, \”you published an article in the newspaper two days ago, didn\’t you?\” Li Siyu nodded, didn\’t speak, waiting for his next article. Seeing that she was not in a hurry, Cao Zhiqun was surprised at her behavior. This little girl is not easy. However, he didn\’t tangle with these and said, \”I\’ve read your article. You have some opinions on urban construction. I want to hear your thoughts.\” this is the main purpose of Vice Mayor Cao\’s calling her here. The municipal people know this and published it in the newspaper, so it\’s not a secret thing. Chapter 160 group list Li Siyu smiled and nodded, handed the documents in his hand to Cao Zhiqun and said, \”Vice Mayor Cao, my idea has written a complete article, you can have a look.\” Cao Zhiqun looked at the documents handed over and looked inexplicable. It seems that the little girl has been prepared long ago? He took the document, opened it and looked at it. Whether he is prepared or not, he wants to listen to Li Siyu\’s ideas today, so he is better prepared. Cao Zhiqun watched it for half an hour. Li Siyu couldn\’t sit still, but he couldn\’t ask. If you can\’t sit still, what if you are looked down upon? So Li Siyu sat very honest and waited for Vice Mayor Cao to speak first. Cao Zhiqun looked at it for a long time. The more he looked, the better he felt. He couldn\’t help nodding. \”I can see from this manuscript that you are very attentive.\” that must be attentive. What\’s more? \”I think you have a lot of opinions on this. Do you want to go to the urban construction group?\” Cao Zhiqun asked, putting his manuscript on the table. Li Siyu finally heard his words, \”I am willing to serve the people.\” Oh, roar! Great.

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