However, Li Feng was stunned when he said this, and his scalp suddenly became numb. He could feel the cold from his Majesty on his back, and the whole person froze for a moment.

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Lincheng went out to hide for a month! She had to give it back to him! Is he easy? I was afraid not to give my little daughter-in-law some money, and then ran out to hide for a month. Is that what they can do? Lin Cheng smiled bitterly and said helplessly, \”Siyu, don\’t give it to me. I\’ll give it to you for you to spend.\” please spend the money, don\’t give it to me! Chapter 97 I\’m so afraid of Li Siyu. Seeing him like this, I really convinced him. Who gave money to others and asked her to spend it? \”You\’re rich?\” she couldn\’t help asking. Lin Cheng blinked and thought, \”is it OK? But I can make money hard and it must be enough for you to spend.\” recently, Lin Cheng made a small thousand in a month. He thought that even if the little daughter-in-law can spend again, one month is enough. Li Siyu sighed and was quite helpless about his character. \”Aren\’t you afraid that I\’ll spend all your money and play with your feelings?\” the man was too naive to trust her and give her so much money? Lincheng: Σ (°△°—) ︴ \”what? You want to play with my feelings?\” he looked at Li Siyu incredulously. \”You, how can you do this? Am I not good to you?\” the Lincheng committee looked at her and didn\’t know what he had done wrong. Why play with him? Isn\’t he good enough? Li Siyu helps the forehead. Can you stop being so funny? \”All right, all right. I\’ll keep this passbook. I\’ll give it back to you when you use it. Anyway, I won\’t use it.\”

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