Return to the Marquis, this is the eldest lady\’s wet nurse. the bodyguard said immediately.

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Sima Xiangshan screamed miserably. He was like a man who fell into the fire. His whole body was swallowed up by the huge flame. He shouted desperately. It seemed that only in this way could he weaken the burning pain of his whole body. He wanted to transfer his crystal dragon power to offset the pain, but the crystal dragon power in his body was completely dormant and had no effect at all. Why How could he suddenly be in this fire? It\’s him! It\’s the boy!! he stared at Fang Yang, but no words could be heard except the scream. I don\’t know how long it took Sima Xiangshan to feel his pain for thousands of years. He snapped and heard Fang Yang snap his fingers, and then there was a burning fire on him The flame went out in an instant. \”I only promised to spare your life, but I didn\’t promise to let you live well.\” a sneer appeared at the corners of Fang Yang\’s mouth. \”Do you think my blood essence gas was sprayed out in vain? Anything has a price.\” \”you, what did you do to me!\” \”It\’s no big deal. I just left a little thing in your body. Whenever you have any idea of using the dragon power, this little thing will burst out.\” Fang Yang said in a flat tone, but cold, \”you will be restrained by my flame all your life.\” \”you, you deserve to die!\” Sima Xiangshan was furious, but before his anger disappeared, there was another bang, and a flame soared. The flame swallowed up and howled again. Fang Yang looked at him quietly: \”master, is your spirit in heaven in peace?\” thinking of Wen Ruhuo, Fang Yang\’s mind of playing games faded. He looked at Sima Xiangshan again, \”Now, you live your life in this uninhabited place.\” Fang Yang looked at the lake below him. His long sword swept away and cut out. With a loud bang, the huge sword gas tore the lake. The sword not only cut off the lake, but also seemed to cut on something else. Watching the light and shadow change, a white light was shrinking rapidly. That was the door to escape here! Fang Yang moved, swished out and plunged into the lake In the light, the figure disappeared. \”No, I don\’t want to stay here!\” Sima Xiangshan roared and tried to rush out through the light mass, but before he could use the dragon power to help him, a huge fire burst out again. The scream resounded through the sky. The light mass above the lake was shrinking rapidly. Sima Xiangshan tried hard to earn a tie, but he couldn\’t get out of the fire.

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