Although these days, the young lady is in a depressed mood. She also brings the delicate beauty of Xizi\’s heart. Some people can\’t help but straighten their eyes. What\’s more, Aunt Li in the kitchen is distressed and tries her best to make delicious food for the young lady.

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As soon as the evil spirit Qi enters the body, it permeates the flesh and blood meridians filled with Fang Yang, and then goes straight to Fang Yang\’s knowledge sea. Boom! At the moment when the evil spirit Qi entered the sea of knowledge, the closely reunited blood of the black dragon burst out in an instant. There was a dragon roar, and the black dragon\’s blood was faintly transformed into a proud roaring long dragon, which collided with the evil spirit Qi. Such a reaction can also clearly see the attack of the black dragon\’s blood on the evil spirit Qi. It\’s really useful! Fang Yang was overjoyed. After seeing this scene, he also let the evil spirit Qi invade his body, making the evil spirit Qi completely fight with the blood of the black dragon. Kill and cut together, never die. Fang Yang\’s knowledge of the sea turned into a huge battlefield, and the evil spirit was in constant contact with the black dragon. It would be naive to think that there would be no danger of Fang Yang in this way. The entry of evil spirit Qi also brings a great burden to Fang Yang. Every evil spirit Qi acting on Fang Yang makes his meridians feel torn. However, this pain is nothing compared with the broken soul. Fang yangqiang endured and absorbed the evil spirit more madly. In the sea of knowledge, the evil spirit gas has completely fought with the blood of the black dragon. The black gas is diffuse, and the black evil spirit gas faintly forms a huge dog and beast to fight with the black dragon. At first glance, it is obvious that the evil spirit has lost its power. After all, the blood of the black dragon is a congenital mysterious treasure with different levels. In addition, he can gather in the body with the help of the power of knowing the soul in the sea and continuously supplement his combat power, so he can occupy an advantage in the fight. However, the evil spirit gas also has its own advantages. His advantage is that Fang Yang is in the black well at this time. The black well is full of evil spirit gas. As long as Fang Yang\’s door is wide open, he can put himself in a state that will not be destroyed at all. Under such entanglement, Fang Yang is also slowly consuming the strength of the blood of the black dragon. When the evil spirit Qi enters the body, Fang Yang\’s body vibrates. Each force is not so easy to be offset. After all, it is in this black well, which is where the evil spirit gas diffuses. Once the evil spirit gas breaks out, it will cause great damage to the human body. Corrode flesh and blood and pollute the soul. That is to say, Fang Yang himself is extraordinary, with pure Yang and Xuan Qi integrated into the flesh and blood, so as to avoid the damage of the evil spirit gas to the flesh and blood. Otherwise, other people would have died under the strong evil spirit gas and could not die again. As for the spirit, the spirit of Fang Yang doesn\’t have to worry about its existence. Fang Yang was not idle when he breathed the spirit of evil spirits into his body. The pure Yang Xuan Qi in his body was surging. Some of the spirit of evil spirits flowed into his flesh and blood. If it didn\’t play a role in fighting with the black dragon, it was quickly melted by Fang Yang.

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