Oh, really? I thought you wanted to be a imperial concubine because you were kind to the Empress Dowager and coveted my cousin. Cheng he said strangely.

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The purpose of marrying the dragon soul is to integrate its own spirit with the dragon soul perfectly without any deviation. Either the spirit of the warrior or the dragon soul is too powerful, it will lead to the failure of marrying the body. There are few such candidates. The Wutian alliance has the largest number of people among the three forces. It has gathered many experts with financial resources, but there are few people who can reach this level None of them. But now, Fang Yang has done it. If they can recruit this son, their plan will succeed! Hong Nanxing is hot in his heart. Just about to say something, he can see that Fang Yang\’s nine palace sword suddenly waved. The sword Qi surged and cut out. \”No!\” Hong Nanxing was shocked and stopped him, but it was too late for him to export. Roaring. The sword Qi swept away and directly hit the artifacts grafted by the dragon soul in front of him. Fang Yang\’s sword Qi was so powerful that even if these artifacts were made of extremely strong materials, it was difficult to resist. With one sword, all the artifacts were shattered. Hong Nanxing\’s flesh hurt and his face turned white. That\’s amazing It\’s all money! Not to mention how difficult it is to obtain the materials of these artifacts. The special Dharma array engraved on it is not weak, and it can be completed at a huge cost. Now it\’s damaged by Fang Yang\’s sword, but the loss is huge! \”You, you\’re too much!\” Immediately, the idea of solicitation that had previously existed in his mind dissipated completely, his face was angry, and he couldn\’t bear it any longer, \”you destroy the core of my non heavenly alliance, I\’ll let you pay the price!\” Hong Nanxing roared and no longer hesitated. He was filled with dark Qi, the animal shadow trembled behind him, and the shape of the mountain ape emerged. The mountain ape stood up and roared, which directly photographed Fang Yang\’s body. \”This place full of sin will be destroyed if it is destroyed.\” Fang Yang sneered and saw that Hong Nanxing was attacking hard. He grabbed one person with one hand, took Xin Guihua and Gou Si\’s water feet and stepped on the fire burning step, and immediately moved away. The dark air behind him burst, and Fang Yang took the two to a safe place first. It happened that Wu Nian followed the two into it. When he saw the situation here, he was stunned, especially the scream FA forgot. Seeing Fang Yang coming out, he looked happy: \”Fang Yang, are you all right?\” \”I\’m all right. You take them first.\” Fang Yang handed Xin Guihua to Wu Nian.

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