Mammy Chen is the person around empress dowager Yang in the east palace. He knows it these days.

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Situ Mumian was pleasantly surprised. He was the person who had been with Fang Yang for the longest time. He watched Fang Yang step into the realm of unity of heaven and man from the intersection of dragons and tigers. However, due to the complexity of Fang Yang\’s learning, his own Dharma phase is very difficult to condense, so that he has not really manifested the Dharma phase in the realm of the unity of heaven and man for so long. And now, he finally succeeded! However, why did Fang Yang\’s Dharma meeting happen when he saw the scene? Situ Mu also looked strange and couldn\’t cry or laugh. The Dharma phase of a martial artist is closely related to what he has learned. It is not the transformation of Xuanqi cultivation, or the derivation of his own congenital Xuanbao. Like his peach and plum wood, it is used by his own congenital Xuanbao. The invincible golden armor General of Mongolia and the wine gourd of Li mubai are formed by the condensation of his own Xuanqi. Fang Yang can be condensed into his own person, but there are few. However, it\’s normal to think about it carefully. Fang Yang has learned a variety of skills. Any skill given to ordinary martial artists is enough to solidify the FA phase, but if so many means are integrated into his body, there is nothing outstanding. Only by following one\’s own body can one evolve one\’s own Dharma. In this way, Fang Yang\’s Dharma phase condenses into his own form, which is also the best result. Under the body method of this person, his means will not be slighted. Whether it is Xuanqi or Kendo, he can give full play to the law! One step out, the law appears. Facing the palm taken by the Emperor Ming, Fang Yang was also happy and unafraid. The nine palace sword in his hand cut and roared, and the strength of the black cloud palm was instantly cut off. Then Fang Yang bullied the body and stepped forward, pointing the sword blade directly at the Emperor Ming. The sword in Fang Yang\’s hand is extremely sharp. It contains thousands of swords. Each cut seems ordinary, but it has a sharp edge that is difficult to resist evil Qi. Under this successive chopping attack, the dark emperor\’s virtual shadow and evil phase trembled, and there was an irresistible feeling. The two clashed with each other, and the evil phase screamed bitterly and angrily. Between the rolling of black clouds, the evil Qi was greatly entangled with the blade. Such a brilliant flash shrouded the whole vast sea. Sword Qi into the air, swing all demons! Chapter 670 nine baby demon boom!

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