The cold tea entered her mouth and made her stomach shiver. At this time, Shen Ling was relieved. Now she is only glad that Shen Xian is still a little immature. You know, in the original book, her city has become very deep. If such a small trick were in front of Shen Xian at that time, I\’m afraid it wouldn\’t let her show her feet.

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Fang Yang felt the scattered breath around him and frowned: \”it\’s really just a spirit. Liang Zi should be careful in the future.\” while talking, his eyes stopped where the thousand faced evil fox disappeared. It can be seen that in the dark, a character with black light is slowly turning. Chapter 594 breaking and killing among the luzo mountains, the hungry body rushed and killed continuously. After swallowing Fang Yang, he was even more unscrupulous and rushed into the crowd frequently. Some martial artists who had not dispersed were not aware of it for a moment. They were also approached by evil hunger and directly gnawed off half of their bodies. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen people died. Fortunately, Jiang Fen responded in time, urged his invisible sword Qi to attack continuously, blocked the action route of evil hunger, and barely restrained his fighting strength. However, Rao was so. Because of his terrorist recovery ability, evil hunger was not damaged under Jiang Fen\’s attack. \”Fang Yang hasn\’t come out at this time. He won\’t encounter any danger in it?\” Jiang Fen was secretly worried during the attack. Seeing that the time has passed, Fang Yang hasn\’t come out yet, and he doesn\’t know what\’s going on in his hungry body. He wanted to help, but he couldn\’t do it at this time. Just then, there was a sharp drink behind him. \”Where is the evil?\” followed by two figures, one in front of the other, flying towards this side. The martial artists scattered around were overjoyed when they saw the two figures. \”It\’s Yu Fang, Little Dragon Yu Fang!\” \”and LV Zuo!\” the two figures fell one after another, close to Jiang Fen.

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