She wants to be admitted to a technical secondary school.

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He roared angrily. He was too lazy to speak. He took a step in front of his right foot. At the same time, the dark Qi around him burst out. The power of thunder was diffuse, and the whole body of Leighton was glittering with arc light. Unexpectedly, it was an extremely rare lightning dark Qi! The lightning dark Qi was not among the five elements, and the grade was very high. The explosive force was much better than the fire Yang Qi. On the competition of dark Qi, the pure Yang dark Qi of Fang Yang was not the same Have any advantage. As Leighton stepped forward, his right hand became a fist and waved it towards Fang Yang. When he waved his fist, he saw the mysterious Qi of his whole body gathering madly on his fist, condensing a crackling lightning heavy fist and roaring out. The thunder crackled and deafening between these fists. It seemed that the strength of sound waves alone could shock God Soul, the martial arts onlookers in the distance felt that their eardrums trembled and blocked their ears. They were afraid that they would be deafened by the thunder. Boom! The powerful lightning fist broke through the air and covered Fang Yang. Fang Yang\’s face changed slightly. He could feel the power of the fist without the detection of the spirit. For a moment, his whole body trembled with blood and flesh. It was the power of lightning shock alone, It made him feel numb. He didn\’t dare to neglect it immediately. The pure Yang Xuan Qi moved all over him, and the fire dance in the sky was thrown out. When the fire collided with the thunder, there was a sour explosion, and the sound wave vibrated. It spread everywhere and was empty. The countless spiritual materials originally growing in the seabed withered and turned into powder. One after another, the sound of screams came from a distance The two martial artists who were close to each other retreated in panic. Luo Xiaoyan\’s face also changed slightly. He took Luo Xiaoyu and Luo Sheng into the air to avoid being affected. At this time, there was a strong sense of horror on the faces of his children in front of him. Luo Sheng, in particular, could no longer find the previous contempt and sarcasm for Fang Yang. He clenched his fist and revealed shock and excitement in his eyebrows Love. \”So strong\” Between the sea bottom, the mysterious Qi of the two burst, and the afterwaves were so strong that the big demons who had been running out of the waves stopped their body shape, and their fear of death made them afraid to step here. In the diffusion of strong Qi, Fang Yang\’s body retreated more than ten steps, which was to remove the strength of his whole body. However, covered by thunder, his clothes were damaged, and electric arcs were swimming in Fang Yang\’s whole body made the mysterious Qi in Fang Yang\’s body stagnate slightly, and his whole body was numb and sour.

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