Tao Dan took a sip of water and sipped the sweetness in his mouth.

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He was neither laughing nor crying, but Fang Yang was not in the mood to take care of that kind of thing. His eyes swept around, and suddenly he looked happy. \”Nine petal ink jade Lotus! Found it!\” Fang Yang was pleasantly surprised. In the middle of the pool far away from the place of war, a dark lotus that seems to be completely piled up of black jade floats slowly. The nine petals open together, emitting a slight luster, with a strange smell emanating from above. It is the goal of Fang Yang\’s trip, nine petal ink jade Lotus! As long as you get this and swallow the pill, you can restore your own Xuanqi! Fang Yang was overjoyed when he thought of this place. He just wanted to try to enter the pool and pick the nine petal ink jade lotus. At this time, the change rose sharply. What I saw was a calm pool, and suddenly set off waves. At first, it was only a slight concussion ripple, but Fang Yang looked into the depths of the pool. In the pool, which was originally dark and bottomless, suddenly a huge dark shadow floated up. The shadow is so big that it makes people feel numb at a glance. Fang Yang was stunned at first, then his face suddenly changed and regressed in an instant. He was about to shout something when, with a bang, the pool burst, and a huge black shadow burst out and rushed away from the back towards the people. This dark shadow is also a black poisonous water dragon! Boom! Suddenly, the black poison water dragon appeared. Everyone was going all out to attack the injured black poison water dragon. They didn\’t expect the attack to come from behind. Under the attack of the black poison water dragon, they rushed into the formation of wolf teeth. I heard a scream. Under this rush, I don\’t know how many warriors were swallowed up and killed in an instant. \”Damn it!\” the good situation was broken in an instant. Li jackal was furious and hit the black poisonous water dragon back into the pool with a heavy hammer. But at this time, the wolf tooth array has been broken. Under the previous collision, at least more than a dozen martial artists with wolf tooth regiments were swallowed and killed in an instant. \”Still sneaking attack in the dark! Hateful dragon!\” Li jackal roared angrily. Without the attack of the wolf teeth array, the pressure of the black poison water dragon was greatly reduced. I saw the ripples and plop of the pool beside it, and several huge black shadows came out one after another. A total of five black poisonous water dragons came out.

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