It was getting late, and she had to run to the mine.

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When the long sleeve of Fire Dance rotates, it rolls up a fire of more than Zhang, and the chest is burning. The long sleeve of fire sweeps out of the place. The air is burning. Every time it touches the warrior, it will set off a large sound of explosion and scream one after another. Golden sleeve Fire Dance! This special skill, which contains the mysterious Qi of metal and fire attributes, is that Duan Ling is still prepared for Tang Dynasty. She is extremely matched with her own constitution. At this time, it also complements each other. It is beautiful and dangerous like a real flame. \”It\’s really beautiful. I\’ll see what you can do.\” the voice of Yin pity sounded. Then, in front of Tang still, a gray middle-aged man suddenly appeared. The man\’s body flashed and his feet didn\’t step on the ground. It seemed as if something was hanging him. It was a special ghost step in Yinquan ghost sect. Yinquan ghost sect is also one of the six major sects in Tiance mansion. It has some imagination with chuyang Zhenzong. There are few people in Yinquan ghost sect, but it\’s not as strict as Chunyang Zhenzong, but because there are few people whose physique conforms to the internal skill of Yinquan ghost sect. The cultivation of semi ghost method in Yinquan ghost sect is extremely special. If you cultivate it, you can change between human beings and Yin ghosts, and Yin evil is incomparable. The person in front of him is Yin Wu, the eldest disciple of Yinquan ghost sect, who also has the level of the middle stage of the early Yang state. He suddenly appeared in front of Tang still, and the ghost spirit stretched forward, even directly through the fire dance spirit of Tang still. Tang\’s face was still serious. Once his vigorous dance changed, the metallic force came out and moved one after another. Yin Wu laughed loudly and was not afraid at all. The two men also fought head-on. Tang was still completely entangled by each other. On the other side, when Yin Wu entangled Tang still, the others went up one after another, pointing directly at Xin Guihua and Gou Sishui in the center. Especially in Gou Sishui, Ma Youshen has bright eyes. Looking at him, he just wants to capture him in his hand, and then the mind and eye secret art forcibly searches his mind and snatches the secret method of \”winter soul divine light\” he remembers! But Xiao Si won\’t wait to die. Seeing that Xin Guihua and Tang still couldn\’t stop their attack, Xiao Si showed a touch of perseverance on his face, slightly gritted his teeth, and then the golden awn flowed between his eyebrows, with a great spirit of soul. \”I want to protect them!\” Xiao Si drank in a childish voice, and then the white light flickered in the middle of his eyebrows, which turned into a real cold light and rushed out. Winter soul light! \”Be careful!\” Ma Youshen only had time to shout, and rushed to the front, there was a disciple of Chunyang Zhenzong who was swept by the white light in an instant. Even if the disciple had pure Yang Xuanqi, he could break the cold, but he still had no chance to defend against the Spirit Light of Shangdong. Winter soul divine light, but it\’s a wonderful way to point at the soul. If you can stop the cold of the flesh, how can you prevent the winter soul divine light from freezing the soul? The warrior\’s body immediately trembled and froze. He was white and cold, and had turned into an ice sculpture. seckill!

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