The roads in the city are much better than those in the countryside. At least sitting on the back seat of a bicycle won\’t hurt the butt of the pier.

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After they met the patriarch together, Gu Kang repeated Fang Yang\’s identity. \”What? This son is Fang Yang? Hum, no wonder he has good alchemy skills and wants to covet my martial arts.\” Zhao Zhen\’s face sank. \”I was almost deceived by him and gave him the cave in the peak. It\’s a great sin.\” \”Fang Yang is like this? He looks really young.\” \”The pure Yang mysterious Qi in this boy\’s body is so strong that I don\’t know how long it will take to practice it.\” \”the most heinous person! Dare to steal our pure Yang authentic secret code. Why don\’t you kill him for nonsense!\” \”it was captured by Mohe? Mohe is really powerful and should have great merit.\” Monk Wen\’an of Mohe stood behind Gu Kang and smiled when he heard that Shang Wen\’an was cautious. He was the one who taught Fang Yang martial arts without permission. He was afraid that Fang Yang would reveal this. It would be a great crime to teach and inherit martial arts without permission. If it was only for ordinary younger brothers, at least martial arts would not be spread out, and the punishment would not be great, but once he was known, he would spread it The situation is different when he teaches martial arts to Fang Yang and other famous wanted people. He looks unnaturally at Fang Yang frequently for fear that he will expose the matter. Just when the people want to convict Fang Yang, Wang Wu\’s voice rings out behind him: \”core disciple Wang Wu wants to see. I have something to say about Fang Yang.\” \”come in.\” The patriarch said calmly. Wang Wu hurried in. Maybe he saw so many elders of the inner mountain at one time. He was very nervous. He stumbled at his feet and nearly fell down. He fell to his knees. He stammered: \”please forgive the other side of the patriarch. He has made many dangers in the Liulian mountains and saved many people of our Chunyang Zhenzong.\” \”Oh? How to save it?\” The patriarch asked. Wang Wu quickly told Fang Yang what he had done along the way. His words were mixed with pleading words: \”if it weren\’t for Fang Yang, our disciples would have to die and hurt more.\” he thought that Fang Yang should be given preferential treatment by the elders for his many achievements, but he didn\’t expect that the people would be more and more dismissive after hearing these things. \”Hum, small kindness and small favor. Can this just make up for Fang Yang\’s heinous crimes?\” \”you were deceived by the boy\’s illusion.\” \”save some ordinary disciples in exchange for grace. This son seems to have a big plot.\” \”what\’s this? If you delay the time, you can say something useless. Be careful I\’ll punish you!\” The people reprimanded Wang Wu and didn\’t pay any attention to what Fang Yang had done. Wang Wu trembled: \”what I said and what I said are conclusive facts, and many children can testify.\”

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