Zihan always comes back at night recently. You have nothing to do with her. Your parents only have you and her two children. the old lady\’s meaning is very obvious.

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Pooh, Heiya\’s body lightened, and most of his back body was swallowed up by the blue light and disappeared without a trace. He was stunned. His broken body fell to the ground, and his blood sprayed. Heiya looked at Fang Yang in horror. His throat wriggled and his lips whispered. Finally, he couldn\’t say a word and died. How could he, an expert at the top of the empty and dark world, die in the end Such a boy clearly has many means in his hand that he didn\’t use. Even if he was defeated, he should have fled in an instant. However, Fang Yang died. After he waved the sword, he felt that the light stone sword in his hand became ordinary in an instant, and the starting point was rough. He didn\’t feel as refined as before. One sword exhausted all the mysterious Qi accumulated by the four methods. He stared blankly In midair, less than one tenth of the three hundred extra warriors escaped under Fang Yang\’s sword. Li Bei and Tai Wuji stumbled and fled. They were not in a hurry, especially in the opposite direction of Fang Yang\’s sword, so they had a certain time to react. Wang Qiushui will be all right in the future. Therefore, among the strongest people, only Heiya fell Above the clouds of the four dharmas, there was a pale white in the north of Li: \”why, what attack is this, and why?\” Kill more than 300 Kongming warriors with one sword in a second. Even people at the level of early Yang don\’t have such strength! What is it in Fang Yang\’s hands and why is it so strong? In particular, the strength of black teeth is not weaker than that of Li Bei. Even he died so simply. How can he survive? Where is Li Bei at this time Looking at half of black Fang\’s body and the annihilated warriors around him, he trembled twice and screamed. He immediately turned and ran away without stopping. Tai Wuji also followed. The rest of the warriors scattered clean in an instant. Fang Yang stood where he was, didn\’t mean to catch up, and stared at the stone sword in his hand. This was the blow of the four Dharma Qingyun, even as the fourth sword Qin Chuan, the elder of Fengyun gate, the preserver of the green cloud of the law, was stunned when he saw the power of this blow. He was dry in his voice; \”The use of the four methods of Qingyun requires time to absorb the artistic conception of Xuanqi to accumulate it. The longer the time is, the more Xuanqi is stored in it, and the stronger the power is. The previous sword should have stored Xuanqi for more than ten years, so it is so powerful.\” Fang Yang calmed down and nodded at the words. But even with such restrictions, the four methods of green clouds are still terrible. They are much higher than the level of green grain xuanbing. It is worthy of being a secret treasure that can kill a county with one sword! Fang Yang looked at the stone sword and couldn\’t see what strange the blade was. \”Don\’t look, this is a xuanbing made of nine waste stones.\” Suddenly a man\’s voice came around.

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