Once the old lady heard that the leader didn\’t want to be in charge, what else could she do?

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\”Hey, look where you\’re going, come down for me!\” he pulled the whip hard and pulled down the monster who was absorbed in the world. After all, the grey feather finch is not a beast with strong flesh. In addition, the strength gap between Zhuang Yisha and Zhuang Yisha is too big. Under such a pull, it is naturally irresistible. Bang, a cloud of smoke. Several feet of grey feather finch directly fell heavily on the ground. There was a burst of mourning, and half a ring couldn\’t get up. \”Little grey!\” the black finch cried out in pain and hurriedly climbed down the gray finch\’s back to have a careful look. Zhuang Yisha stepped forward with a sneer: \”do you still have time to care about this animal?\” at this time, his five fingers suddenly stretched forward, clenched the black finch\’s Pink neck and directly lifted her up. She struggled with both hands and feet, but her cultivation in the middle of the period couldn\’t get rid of Zhuang Yisha\’s capture. \”When my father leaves the pass, he will not let you go!\” cried the black sparrow. Zhuang Yisha disdained: \”when he comes out, all the people on the ash sparrow mountain will die! What are we afraid of? Now you\’d better go back with me honestly.\” seeing the opportunity, the black sparrow turned his head and bit Zhuang Yisha heavily on his arm. Zhuang Yisha was in pain and threw her out. \”And Yang Huo! Yang Huo hasn\’t come out yet!\” black finch looked around and found some confidence. But she remembered that her father said that the person whose real name was Fang Yang and pseudonym Yang Huo was very powerful! Even if you can\’t compare with your father, you must be better than Zhuang Yisha! After all, Fang Yang actually killed more than ten Kongming warriors at the beginning. She didn\’t mention that it was OK. When she mentioned it, Zhuang Yisha laughed: \”Yang Huo? You said that boy? Wu queer, you really can\’t find someone to rely on. Even a martial artist who focuses on the environment should be used as a life-saving straw, even if he comes out, what\’s the use!\” \”It seems that I didn\’t see him. I must have run away. If that boy dares to come out, I naturally dare to pull out his tongue! Let him pay for his words!\” \”now, you\’d better come over to me! I\’ll waste your limbs first and see how you run!\” Zhuang Yisha patted it with one claw and grabbed it at the black bird again. The black bird turned white and wanted to resist, but he was not Zhuang Yisha\’s opponent. Zheng! A burst of sword chirped and trembled, and a sharp light like lightning suddenly flashed over the dark gray bird mountain. A sword came from afar, the shadow of the sword was not stopped, and the sword trembled like thunder.

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