She took out her watch from the space and looked at it. It was still early, so she went out with her bag on her back.

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No one came from behind, which doesn\’t mean that the road is safe. When Fang Yang and the others came to the place covered by clouds and fog, they were surprised and felt a cold and piercing mysterious air between the clouds and fog. \”There\’s no way, is this going to let us go in?\” Fang Yang\’s soul power moved and wanted to check the situation between the clouds, but just touched on the clouds, a cold feedback, Fang Yang\’s soul power immediately retreated back. His face changed slightly: \”what a strong cold! I\’m afraid it\’s not easy here.\” \”what shall we do?\” Meng Qianxue said. \”Of course! There is no way back anyway. I want to see how many dangers there are on this mountain road.\” Fang Yang said, the pure Yang Xuan Qi in his body turned between the meridians, and the warmth flowed. Then he stepped into the clouds, followed by Meng Qianxue. When he really walked into the clouds, he could clearly feel the cold. It was not long before he stopped. Fang Yang\’s body surface could not be covered with a layer of frost. \”Fortunately, I practice pure Yang and mysterious Qi, which can resist the severe cold, otherwise the combat effectiveness in this cold will be greatly weakened.\” Fang Yang whispered and looked at Meng Qianxue. Meng Qianxue\’s state is also very good. Meng Qianxue\’s constitution is water attribute, and he practiced \”all rivers return to the sea\” It\’s more commensurate with the meaning of ice and cold, so she looks much more relaxed than Fang Yang. Because of the mysterious Qi match, they don\’t weaken much strength between the cold clouds. Chapter 167 between the cold clouds of ice and fog manor, there is another heaven and earth. It\’s just ordinary clouds outside. You can feel the thickness of the clouds and fog in front of you after entering them Misty, I can\’t see the scene clearly. Moreover, there is a cold and cold smell in the fog. Even Fang Yang\’s soul can\’t explore deeply. This situation is very dangerous. It\’s equivalent to that they are blind. \”Be careful.\” Fang Yang reminded. As soon as they took a few steps, a long roar came from beside them. \”Monster?\” Fang Yang\’s whole body was tight, and his eyes were burning at the position where the sound was transmitted. What he saw was that between the hazy clouds, a pair of cold eyes first came out. Those eyes were red, as big as a fist, which showed how big the monster was. Under a meal, a long roar rang through, and at the same time, there was a tumbling in the calm clouds, and a huge snow wolf directly He threw himself out. He was silver-white and full of three or four meters high. He threw himself across the body with amazing momentum. Fang Yang\’s pure Yang and Xuan Qi flowed, and the seal method condensed. Mountain climbing seal! The Xuan vaporized into a faint mountain and crashed down, right on the body of the snow wolf. The snow wolf was killed by Fang Yang, but he was not obviously damaged.

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