In addition to Ao Lin and Zhang Xuewen, who are deputy factory directors, the other two are factory directors.

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While controlling this energy in his body with Wuxian sword Road, Fang Yang tightened his nerves. Time passed a little. At this time, there was nothing in Fang Yang\’s world. \”Brother, what is he doing?\” \”don\’t talk, he\’s going to break!\” the head man said in a voice. \”Break through.\” The other man nodded and looked at Fang Yang\’s appearance. His pupils couldn\’t help shrinking. Sure enough, when the first man\’s voice just fell, Fang Yang, who had been silent, shouted angrily: \”break it for me!\” At this time, Fangyang\’s meridians have a vast amount of energy. Fangyang runs these energy and keeps walking in his body until he reaches the six levels of Zhenwu territory. Fangyang gives a fierce shout, and all the energy in Fangyang\’s body surges up together in an instant! \”Bang!\” It was like a flood hitting a small bridge. There was no suspense. The bottleneck on the sixth floor of Zhenwu territory broke up. At the same time, Fang Yang\’s Dantian seemed to feel the same. Fang Yang\’s body trembled slightly. A mysterious gas vortex immediately rolled up in Fang Yang\’s Dantian. This mysterious gas vortex turned very fast. After a while, the capacity of Fang Yang\’s Dantian directly increased One fifth! But it\’s not over yet. Fang Yang didn\’t intend to stop at all. After the energy of liuyansuo was neutralized by the efficacy of Longdan Xieyuan pill, it has become pure energy, and the energy left by the drugs Fang Yang took before has also been excavated by Longdan Xieyuan pill. Although the two people who just broke in helped Fang Yang remove some, they are different from Fang Yang\’s body What\’s still in the body is not worth mentioning! Taking this opportunity, Fang Yang will give full play to the value of this opportunity! \”Break it!\” there was another loud drink! \”Bang!\” the seventh bottleneck broke! \”Break it!\” break it! \” Almost in the blink of an eye, Fang Yang\’s accomplishments have reached the nine levels of Zhenwu. Up to now, Fang Yang\’s body still stores a lot of energy. This energy flows through Fang Yang\’s body and soon flows to a relatively broad meridian in Fang Yang\’s body. This meridian is undoubtedly the one that impacts the level of Lingwu Important meridians! If the bottleneck of the previous meridians was a small bridge, there was no doubt that this one was a dam! However, Fang Yang did not hesitate. A fine light flashed in his eyes and shouted, \”broken!\”

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