Eating in the factory also needs money. Except for food stamps for special supplies, others can be eaten by paying money.

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\”Fang Yang, you coward, what qualifications do you have to be the successor of our Fang family?\” \”Fang Yang, go away! You continue to stay in the Fang family, it\’s like tarnishing the reputation of the Fang family!\” \”your head hurts.\” he covered his head and hummed softly. Fang Yang felt that his brain was about to be torn apart, A lot of information mixed with disdainful words poured into his mind like a tide. Even Fang Yang\’s perseverance was incomparable, he almost fainted directly. Time passed slowly. I don\’t know how long it took. Fang Yang felt better. When he opened his eyes, Fang Yang said slowly: \”I\’m not dead yet?\” in his words, Fang Yang\’s words took a trace of joy. However, the next second, Fang Yang glanced at the antique house. With the memory in his mind, a trace of grief flashed in Fang Yang\’s eyes: \”Damn, it\’s only the last step.\” at this time, Fang Yang had realized a problem, so he \”crossed!\” Fang Yang was the last guwu family on earth and the successor of the Fang family, His cultivation is very good and is known as the hope of the family. However, when he was cultivating the second most important part of the family mental method \”wuxianjian Dao\”, he inadvertently led to the reversal of meridians and the reverse phagocytosis of internal energy. He fell short of success, and finally ended up in a tragic death. However, what Fang Yang didn\’t expect was that his soul was immortal and came to another world. At present, he was attached to the body of a person with the same name and surname and was reborn. \”Hoo hoo, since God gave me the chance to live, it is to help me complete the regret in my heart! In this life, I will never fail again!\” although Fang Yang is still reluctant to give up his hometown, Fang Yang is not naturally compassionate, so he soon calmed down and said slowly with a bright essence in his eyes. \”First understand your identity and the environment of the world.\” Fang Yang took his mind back and said slowly. Thinking of these, Fang Yang slowly closed his eyes and began to digest the memory left by the original owner of the body. \”Lei Lin continent, Fang family in Tianchi City, Huoyu County, Longyuan Dynasty.\” Fang Yang kept digesting the memory in his mind. The Fang family is one of the largest families in Tianchi city. Almost one-third of the shops in Tianchi city are owned by the Fang family. In this world of power, Fang family\’s Long Li, that is, Fang Yang\’s father, has the highest cultivation in Lingwu territory. The elders under his command are also monks in Lingwu territory, which can be described as powerful. Thinking of this, Fang Yang nodded: \”his identity is pretty good.\” however, as the memory continues to digest, Fang Yang\’s face becomes more and more ugly. After all the memories are digested, Fang Yang feels his physical condition. A few seconds later, Fang Yang\’s face becomes very ugly: \”Seven of the twelve meridians vital to the martial arts have been abolished!\” \”however, this body has excellent bones, but the meridians have been abolished and have become a useless person.\” At this time, Fang Yang realized that his situation didn\’t seem very good! Because with the continuous digestion of his memory, Fang Yang had more and more information in his mind. The original owner of this body was the favorite son of a generation, and the most talented person in the family, like himself, was accepted as an apprentice by the Shangyang palace, the largest sect within a radius of ten thousand miles, just because of intelligence errors He mistakenly regarded the wanted criminal worth 100000 yuan as the pursuit of 60000 yuan. He was defeated by the other party and nearly died. Later, he was expelled from the sect by the Shangyang palace.

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