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Jane Xi didn\’t tell them about herself when she went with shangguanbo. But brilliance looked at Yu Shanshan\’s eyes, hiding deep exploration and interest, but it was very obscure and no one noticed; Later, Shangguan also introduced the three masters next to him, but although they looked peaceful, their eyes did not hide their arrogance and disdain. After all, in their eyes, Yu Shanshan, the highest accomplishment of the three of Jane Xi, is that of the late Yuanying period. Although they are also young geniuses, their strength is far from that of their own. They are just three younger generations. When Jane Xi also nodded to them, they just dropped their heads. There is no change in their expression. They owe them a word, This makes Jane Xi three people can\’t help laughing. She really takes herself as a dish. Regardless of how they are, there are quite a few monks with higher accomplishments in Philadelphia. If they are always like this, if they are unlucky, they will not necessarily offend any kind of people. The most stupid people on the planet are the second goods loaded with X lightning. Jane Nan doesn\’t care much about their attitude. What he wants now is to keep a low profile. What others think is none of his business. His accomplishments are still steadily improving. In a short time, he will be able to fully recover to his original accomplishments in the fit period. This body, regardless of talent or age, is excellent. He can go further in a short time. In fact, Jane Nan is a very easygoing person by nature. She doesn\’t care too much about some common customs and rituals. She doesn\’t seem to have seen the attitude of the three people, but Jane Xi just can\’t think of why people with such a good temper will have enemies? Shangguanbo was relieved when he saw that Jianxi and Jiannan were not angry because of the arrogance of the three masters. After he inadvertently blurted out Jianxi\’s name, he knew that the three people would be hostile to Jianxi because the hijacking was not successful. Now it seems that Jian Xi didn\’t care about them, but looking at their accomplishments, they can\’t help worrying about the safety of Jian Xi and her three people. They are afraid that the three people will find a gap, which will be harmful to Jian Xi and regret their recklessness. However, he also knows that if he doesn\’t say it, it doesn\’t mean that others don\’t say it. For example, the most likely one is Hua ling\’er. Originally, she shouldn\’t have brought her, But she had to follow Yan Tao. The Yan Family and the Hua family couldn\’t stand being ground by her, so she agreed. But in the maze, it should be extremely dangerous. Taking her will make them more distracted. Therefore, it\’s really a burden for no reason After the introduction, Jane Xi gestured to shangguanbo to greet them and quickly sat down to order. After all, they also came to eat or something. It\’s not a matter to just stand and greet. After thinking about it, the Shangguan obediently asked everyone to sit down and order dishes. In fact, it doesn\’t matter whether they eat or not. They also wanted to inquire about some news in this noisy place, so they met Jane Xi. Jian Xi sent a message to Jian Nan and told him how he knew shangguanbo and how the three families wanted to hijack her. However, shangguanbo and others told him in advance that they had escaped only when they hid in the Dan Shigong Association. After all, during that time, with them around, Jian Xi hardly entered the border of love, and Jian Nan didn\’t know these things. Jane Xi told Jane Nan a short and comprehensive story. She had told Jane Nan all this information in just a dozen hours. She didn\’t want Jane nan to know nothing about them, and she also analyzed the reasons for the hostility of the three monks out of the body to them. Of course, I gave Yu Shanshan a general introduction, but there was no sound transmission, but only picked up what she could say. Yan Tao and brilliance also echoed a few words, but brilliance let Hua linger pinch it several times. The light of jealousy in Hua linger\’s eyes has never left Jane Xi, but now there is a little more Yu Shanshan who is not inferior to Jane Xi. They are as beautiful as spring orchids and autumn chrysanthemums, which makes her jealous. If it weren\’t for Jane Xi, would it be such a long time for him to get angry because of the anger at home? Isn\’t it because of this smelly woman that she hasn\’t seen her beloved brother Yan Tao for so long? As long as you see this smelly woman, all men\’s eyes will turn around her, of course, including the woman with her. Shangguanbo is in a good mood now, and his face is always smiling. However, his good mood lasted only a little while, and then disappeared. Chapter 499 Moyun also comes Hua linger had already found that the eyes of the diners on the third floor almost looked at them, while most of the men focused on Jane Xi and Yu Shanshan, while the women also looked at the three of them in shangguanbo and Jane Xi\’s brother, Jane Nan. However, Jane Nan looks better than her brother Yan Tao! Hua linger\’s eyes looked at Jian Nan, who was just smiling there, sometimes eating vegetables and sometimes drinking spirit wine. Jian Nan\’s eyes never looked at Hua linger, but almost all fell on her sister Jane Xi, and her eyes were full of doting. \”I wish I could look at myself like this! It\’s estimated that she can be drowned by this look. \”Hua linger couldn\’t help thinking and looked at Jane Nan with crazy eyes, but her strange situation at this time also attracted the attention of Yan Tao and brilliance.

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