What?! the old lady suddenly blew her hair when she heard that she was going to rob her little girl\’s job.

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The three pills were put into three small jade bottles by Jane Xi. With these three broken thunder pills, Jane Xi had a bottom in her heart and at least explained to the three above. The mood also relaxed a lot. Looking at the pills and medicinal herbs in the bottle, Jane Xi crossed her knees again. Next, Jian Xi didn\’t stop. When she had enough rest, she opened the furnace again. This time, because there was no pressure, the refining went surprisingly smoothly. She even harvested four broken thunder pills, one pill with a circle of pills, two pills with two circles of pills, and one pill with three circles of ink bucket fish halo. This harvest surprised Jian Xi, Now it\’s all solved, and I\’m very happy. There were enough materials left for one alchemy. Jianxi didn\’t intend to waste them, so he had enough rest to continue, so the refining of the last furnace began again. Every day and night, it\’s really not short. These 24 hours require the alchemist\’s continuous high-intensity concentration. In the last furnace of refining, Jane Xi suddenly felt that an indescribable obstacle seemed to have been broken through in her mind, but she had no time to think about what it was in the process of refining, I just feel more comfortable controlling the flame and Dan stove. For this reason, the fourth batch of pills is much easier than before. This batch of broken thunder pills has actually become five pills, which is extraordinary. The purple pills are full of aura and emit charming pill halo. These five broken thunder pills have three three three circle pill halo pills and two two circle pill halo pills. None of them has a circle pill halo. Such a success rate, Let Jane Xi can\’t believe it. After all the jade bottles are collected, Jane Xi rushes to restore her spiritual power and divine consciousness. After sleeping again and waking up, Jane Xi also dodged into the realm of cherishing fate. After taking a bubble bath, she easily found a new dress and put it on. This is a white dress, not a French dress, but made of ice silk. It is soft and comfortable to wear on her body, and there is a cool and slippery feeling. It is very comfortable, The silver belt on the waist is lined with Jianxi\’s waist and legs. Jianxi can\’t comb other hair types. She has to divide the hair on the first floor from the top of her ears to the top of her head, and then insert a small light cyan jade hairpin. On the jade hairpin, several tassels of shining pearls hang down, and the rest of her long silky hair hangs behind her, On one side of the ear, a light cyan drop shaped eardrop dangles under a pair of lovely and round ears. In the dressing mirror, I saw myself dressed in ancient clothes. Not to mention, it was very good and fresh. Jane smiled narcissistically, then ran out happily and came to the chaos tree. Jane Nan couldn\’t help brightening up when she saw Jane Xi wearing such a dress. It vaguely had the shadow of her partner. It was not obvious, but such a dress made Jane Nan stunned there for a moment. \”Eh? Grandpa, what\’s the matter with you?\” Jian Xi asked suspiciously when she saw something wrong with Jian Nan\’s expression. \”Ah! Nothing. Your dress looks like your grandparents. Grandpa misses your grandparents for a while. It\’s been too long. If you don\’t dress like this, Grandpa will probably forget what your grandparents look like.\” Jane Nan\’s smile is a little bitter. If I hadn\’t died, could I find her? \”What\’s the matter with grandma? Is she still alive?\” after Jane Xi asked, she couldn\’t help but want to hit her mouth. The Jane family has been exterminated for more than 1000 years. How can grandma live? \”I don\’t know. At that time, her accomplishments were no lower than mine, but she disappeared. She didn\’t come back until Jane\’s family was destroyed. Later, I died, so I didn\’t know her whereabouts. How could a monk in the period of out of body have a life of more than 1200 to 14500 years? But the year I fell, your grandparents were less than 200 years old. Her talent was excellent and very good Beauty loves to wear white clothes. You are very similar, but she disappeared. I found her. The whole world didn\’t find her until I was killed by that man. \”Jane Nan\’s will was a little depressed. \”Well, Xi\’er, don\’t talk about me. It\’s been more than a thousand years. It\’s not certain whether she is here or not. Maybe she fell down more than a thousand years ago. I shouldn\’t hold this hope. If I hadn\’t broken in that time, I would have been terrified. Where could I sit here and chat with you? Well, now let\’s talk about you. Look at you What\’s the good thing about driving? \” Jian Xi saw that Jian Nan didn\’t want to talk about her grandparents, so she stopped asking, so she took out several jade bottles and put them in front of Jian Nan and said: \”Grandpa, these are my two refined broken thunder pills. What do you think? Four heats have been refined. Except for the failure of the first one, all the others have become pills. Moreover, the last one has become five pills, and three of them are unique.\” Jane Xi shows off happily. This is the first time she has refined the broken thunder pill that can make the yuan infant friars advance to the higher level! Both the pill completion rate and the quality are quite good, which makes her very proud now. Jane Nan picked up a jade bottle, opened the cork and looked in. Here are three broken thunder pills with halo in a circle; next, there are five halos in two circles and four halos in three circles. Chapter 355 everyone is happy Jian Nan took out the broken Lei Dan with three circles of halo with psychedelic color and said, \”it\’s really very good! You can surpass the level to refine such a difficult broken Lei Dan before you reach the cultivation level of the first child. You really deserve to be my Jian Nan\’s good granddaughter! Hahaha, if my old friend sees it, he must cry and shout to ask you to be his apprentice! Hahaha\” Jiannan smiled happily and put the broken thunder Dan into the jade bottle. \”Tell me, how can you refine this kind of broken thunder pill used in the Jin Dynasty? This kind of broken thunder pill is difficult to collect. It\’s very difficult to find the demon pill of the second thunder beast alone. The second thunder beast is very rare and very difficult to kill. It\’s really not easy to collect all the herbs! How did you collect these materials?\” Jane Nan was very curious about Jane Xi. When he fell, he was also out of the body. He knew how rare the broken thunder pill was. Even his old friend worked hard at that time to get together the refining materials and refine one or two heats of broken thunder pills. He and she got two before they were promoted. Unexpectedly, Jane Xi made this pill with her own strength.

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