Everyone stared round when they saw several plates of dumplings on the table.

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Besides Xiao, a rare breed of white tiger, he followed Jane Xi shortly after birth and was very attached to Jane Xi. A pair of tiger eyes were like talking. When he was young, he was cute and often played with Jane Xi, but now he is twice as big as an ordinary tiger, and he even jumped on Jane Xi to play. Fortunately, Jane Xi\’s cultivation is good, so she won\’t let it fall one by one, but under Xiao\’s tall figure. Jian Xi\’s figure often looks very petite. However, although Xiao Xiao also shows signs of developing towards monsters, because it is still too small. Although it is much faster and easier than the God of war according to the speed, it is still a long distance from the first-order monsters. However, Jian Xi is not in a hurry. She keeps them and doesn\’t want them to become monsters, It was just that they were so pathetic. I don\’t want them to die before they grow up. Jane likes animals by nature. Especially plush animals. When you see two animals. She always likes to bury her face in the soft hair between their necks and whisper to them intimately. She doesn\’t know whether they understand or not. At the moment, the two animals lie down next to her reclining chair, pretending to sleep. From time to time, my ears move with the sounds of different sizes when the waves hit the shore. The recliner was soft and comfortable, and the cool air on the beach covered her and Ruo Nan with a thin blanket. Two peerless beauties, so lazy and half lying on the recliner, chatting softly, there is no match. \”Jane Xi, what time is your plane tomorrow?\” Ruo Nan asked Jane Xi, who also turned her face, after turning her curly hair aside and half over her delicate little face. \”It\’s more than three o\’clock tomorrow afternoon. What? Would you like to invite me to dinner? I still have time at noon,\” said Jane Xi with a smile. \”There\’s no restaurant where you cook delicious food yourself. Why does it make your mouth water when you mention your food? Smelly Jianxi, you know, I don\’t know. I don\’t want to eat the food outside. You keep my mouth open. What do you say?\” if the man\’s family is so close to Jianxi\’s house, but let her do it these days, Every night, she had to make her family miso rice under various excuses, which made Qu Yangfang sigh and raised a food daughter. If the former Ruo man had such an uncontrolled diet as now, she would have become a super fat man who can be clamped by the door frame and can\’t get out of the door. However, now she doesn\’t have this worry. She can eat as much as she wants, but she can always maintain her absolutely tempting, concave and convex devil figure. \”You think I\’m a cook! I\’m only eighteen years old and don\’t want to be in the kitchen all the time,\” said Jane, with her pink, round lips. \”Hey, hey, I\’m kidding you! But what auction did you attend with aunt Xinyan?\” Ruo Nan asked curiously. \”I\’m not sure, but my mother said that this is the world\’s top auction, and it took my mother a lot of effort to get the admission qualification. However, I don\’t know the specific auction. My mother said that the mysterious veil will be lifted only when the auction site is at the auction site.\” Jane Xi said lazily, speaking slowly, The body also curled up there like a cat. The lazy style made the Ruo men opposite her amazing. \”Hey! I really want to go to see this world-class auction with you. I think it will be very exciting?\” if the man\’s eyes are not focused, but the waves are bright and look forward to the tunnel. \”I can\’t help you this time. Who let mom get two tickets in total? In addition, if the auction is held in China, it\’s a pity it\’s in the United States.\” Jane Xi replied with some embarrassment. \”Don\’t take it to heart. In fact, I just say to calm my curiosity. I really don\’t love treasures and don\’t understand them at all,\” Ruo man said indifferently. They chatted one after another. After more than 40 minutes, they put away their things and went home. Jane Xi went back to her bedroom and covered the curtains. The whole person \’swished\’ and disappeared. In the small world, it has changed a lot now. The wooden building that Jane Xi completed independently for the first time in her life has been born and is quietly stored in the center of the small world. The whole building is carved beams and painted buildings and beautiful pavilions. Jane Xi has carefully designed and made every detail. This is her home in the small world in the future. She must be satisfied. The exquisite three-story wooden building, whether it is the living room, study, bedroom, work room, kitchen, restaurant, bathroom, etc., is extremely exquisite, and all kinds of modern daily necessities are perfectly integrated with the decoration of the house. All the electrical energy comes from solar generator sets, and all domestic electricity can be solved. The only deficiency is that there is no access to the Internet and TV signals.

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