Without exposing space, she really can\’t help her family. There\’s no other way. You have to be tough.

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When Jane Xi sat in the car, she suddenly asked Jane Xinyan who was driving and said, \”Mom, your boss drives an Audi, but his general manager drives a cayenne. Why is it not as good as someone else\’s working car?\” \”First, my mother bought this car when she first came to H city. At that time, she just started and didn\’t want to waste money. She always drives it like this. She doesn\’t bother to change it. For my mother, the car is just a means of transportation. My mother doesn\’t care, but if you and your grandparents come to H City, my mother will change a better one to make you more comfortable; second, as a means of transportation Some well-known professional managers. Their salaries are also quite good. For example, Zhao Yan\’s annual salary reaches one million. He also loves face and likes cars. It\’s normal to buy a cayenne. \”Jian Xinyan\’s side face is perfect and gently explains to her daughter. \”Xi\’er! Next year you will be 18 years old and you can take the driver\’s license test. On your birthday, your mother gives you a car as your birthday gift. What kind of car do you like? Let\’s tell your mother first so that she can pay attention to it first.\” Jane Xinyan seems to suddenly think of it and said hurriedly. \”Mom, it\’s just a birthday. Don\’t buy such a valuable gift.\” Jane Xi was moved and stunned. \”What\’s that? My daughter is so excellent. It\’s not too much to give my family Xi\’er any gifts. Tell my mother what brand and type of car you like?\” Jane Xinyan asked Jane Xi while staring at the road and driving the car. After thinking about it, Jane didn\’t refuse. After thinking about it, she said, \”Mom, I don\’t like sports cars. My favorite is off-road vehicles. It doesn\’t matter what brand it is.\”. \”Oh, I can\’t see that such a delicate girl in my family likes that rough and atmospheric car, which really surprised her mother.\” Jane Xinyan drove the car and giggled. \”Mom, you laugh at me -\” Jane chuckled and pretended not to be happy. \”Mom didn\’t laugh at you, but most girls like those fancy sports cars. I didn\’t expect my family Xier to be so different from them. Well, at that time, mom will carefully select an SUV for you.\” Jane Xinyan promised in a happy mood. \”Well, well, thank your mother first, hee hee,\” said Jane playfully. \”This child, what else can he say to his mother? It\’s really –\” Jane Xinyan said angrily. Jane Xinyan sent Jane Xi to a scenic spot by the sea. After watching her daughter buy a ticket, she drove to work in a hurry. Jane Xi bought almost all the tickets for all the amusement projects, and then played one by one, such as \”sea motorcycle\”, \”air umbrella dragging\”, \”diving\” and so on. Even so, it took only a morning. Jane Xi bought a suit of swimsuit. After swimming in the sea for a while, she came to a sunshade on the beach and lay lazily on the bench under the umbrella. The conservative swimsuit still set off her enchanting figure. She narrowed her eyes slightly. She lazily enjoyed the blowing of the sea wind and the sound of the waves lapping the shore. There was plenty of water aura around her and got into her body, The whole person is going to melt away. But just then, a voice broke the artistic conception she was enjoying. \”Hello! Little beauty, are you alone?\” Some people opened their beautiful eyes angrily and looked in the direction of the sound. She was lying on the beach chair. There was a young man with a strong figure standing beside her. The young man was twenty-five or six years old, not only his muscles, but even his face was rough, his eyes were not big, and his eyelids were single. At the moment, his eyes were constantly on his delicate body, Glancing back and forth, the unspeakable obscenity made Jane Xi stand up out of thin air, disgusting. Another young man wearing only a pair of swimming trunks sat on another beach chair next to Jane Xi, staring at Jane Xi\’s chest and salivating. Jane Xi\’s eyes were slightly cold. She knew that they were the two ancient warriors who followed her to H city. They were all on the third floor the day after tomorrow. They had followed her for some time, but Jane Xinyan\’s home was also equipped with a new array. Similarly, the safest thing was home. But everything outside is under the eyes of others. Jane Xi has been because they didn\’t do it and didn\’t hurt them. But today, the two people who have been staring at her for a week actually began to provoke, which made her beautiful eyes slightly cold. After scanning their eyes, she said coldly, \”what\’s the matter with you?\” \”Hahaha, we see the beauty. You are very lonely alone. You have played the amusement project all morning, so you have to accompany you and relieve some loneliness.\” the young man sitting on the beach chair leaned back and looked at Jane Xi\’s body recklessly, laughing.

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