The old lady didn\’t trust the girl to cook alone. She put on her shoes and followed her.

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Snapped!The deputy palace lord hadn’t reacted yet. He was already slapped flying by Uncle Broken. He couldn’t even scream. He turned into flying ash in mid-air. This palm seemed to be light, but it fell onIn the eyes of those elders, they were extremely shocked.The deputy palace lord is also the pinnacle of the quasi god emperor at any rate, even if he loses to the uncle Duan, it is impossible to be slapped to death by a slap. Sneak attack? It is even more impossible. After reaching the level of the quasi-divine emperor, the six senses are extremely keen, and it is impossible to sneak attack at all.Obviously, the difference between the strengths of the two was too large, so that the deputy palace lord could not react and was shot to death on the spot.You are here. Lei Heng said with a strange tone, \”Didn\’t you say that you will never step into the secret palace? Why are you here?\”Many elders frowned. The Lei Clan Lord was the reincarnated body of the god emperor, and his status was so noble. Talking with this old guy was actually an equal posture.I didn\’t come before, but now I have to come. Uncle Duan said lightly: \”Did you three have forgotten your original vows?\”Oath… Yun Xian Luo\’s body trembled slightly, as if thinking of something, her beautiful eyes turned to Shanghai, which was standing aside.At this moment, Shanghai was staring at the sealed dragon tank, he could feel that Mu Ningxue was inside, but now her breath was a little weak, but fortunately, the breath still existed and did not disappear. This made him Rest assured a lot.Feng Xuan also looked at Shanghai, with a hint of surprise on his handsome face, and Lei Heng\’s gaze also turned to Shanghai.Master is back, you should also make a choice now. Uncle Duan said slowly: \”When the eight emperor guards appeared, you should have known it. The master said, give you a chance to choose again. .\”Choose… Lei Heng clenched his fists.As for Yun Xianluo, her beautiful eyes were staring at Shanghai, Feng Xuan\’s expression changed and she didn\’t know what she was thinking. The actions of the three clan leaders made many elders present unpredictable. They didn\’t dare to do anything for a while, but waited in place for the situation.And the remaining deputy palace masters and all the elders could only stand at this moment, because they couldn\’t figure out the situation now, and Uncle Duan\’s shot had completely shocked them.The last time I chose, the master said, what I have done before will not be pursued again. Uncle Duan said slowly.Don\’t pursue…The expressions of Lei Heng\’s trio changed.The others didn\’t know what they were talking about, but they knew exactly what Duanbo was talking about. The arrival of Uncle Duan today and the appearance of eight emperor guards have already explained that that person is back, a terrifying figure who once mastered the Three Realms.The supreme lord of the former Huntian Emperor Palace has returned.

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