Chapter 419 short protection

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The old undead\’s voice was extremely cold, his eyes fixed on one of the figures, the hatred in his eyes was already strong to the extreme, \”There is also Longxie Supreme, very good, you two die together.\” While talking, Jiuyou The tower of the gods was shot out directly, and ninety-nine towers of blood of the Primordial Worship Heaven appeared out of the sky.This is a terrifying force that even the demon emperor can hardly resist. Under the anger of the old dying, the power released is even more powerful than before.The two figures were immediately entangled by the power of the Jiuyou Tower, and swept toward the inside.Sudden!An endless chill burst out of one of the figures, and all the cold in the world was sucked over, blocking itself, and all the laws could no longer get close to it.The law is blocked…this is another trick…There was a trace of regret and pity in the old undead look. He had fought against Longxie Supreme for many years, and he naturally knew the power of this law blockade. Even the Jiuyou God Tower could not bring Longxie Supreme over. Longxie Supreme\’s strongest ability.Seeing that he could not shake Longxie Supreme, he had no choice but to give up. If he continued, it would be of no use at all, because Longxie Supreme’s ability is the strongest life-saving ability by nature. Even in the ancient times, there was no one. Able to shake.However, Longxie Supreme can escape, but there is another person who cannot escape. This person is also the guy who hates the most in his life.Haha… Emperor Huntian, I see how you bastard escapes this time. The old undead laughed wildly, staring at the figure that was sucked in, his eyes were red, yes. I can see how strong Lao Wudie\’s hatred of Emperor Huntian was from the ancient times to the present.Finally…Finally…Huntian Emperor, you insult my third life…You and I were all born in the Chaos Heavenly Spirit. I and Long Xie were the first to be born, and after you were born, you were supposed to only assist me, but instead of talking about the object, you also rob me of the power to control the laws of heaven and earth. Eventually it led to chaos in the world, and that was all… The old undead talked incoherently, his expression seemed mad, sometimes roaring, sometimes laughing wildly.In the first life, you seized the power of my heavenly sun… In the second life, you seized my body of reincarnation… In the third life… you want to destroy my soul… Do you think you have won the heavenly secret? It\’s a pity that you are wrong. It\’s a big mistake. Even if you have been transferred to the third life, you will not be able to understand that faint secret, so that you missed the opportunity… The old undead laughed frantically, and immediately squeezed his out……The figure has almost fallen into the Nine Youshen Pagoda.But the moment he saw the appearance of the figure, the old immortal smile froze suddenly, his eyes fixed on the figure…It\’s… you… how could it be you…The old undead\’s voice was stern and sharp, perhaps because of the emotional ups and downs, the Jiuyou Tower in his hand suddenly trembled, as if he was about to get out of his control.suddenly!

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