\”I\’ll deal with the tiger bones, and you\’ll deal with the others,\” said Jane Nan. He no longer seems to be able to disperse when the wind is stronger. Now he\’s not a practitioner, so it\’s difficult to see his abnormality.

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suddenly!In the huge hall of flames, the suffocating aura immediately covered a trillion li area, and this aura was constantly terrifying, and it was full of supreme majesty.Quasi God Emperor…Zhurong God and Demon Palace sent out even the quasi-god emperor, then the other two gods and demon palaces…I don’t know the Pangu God and Demon Palace, but this Nuwa God and Demon Palace has a guardian, which is equivalent to a quasi-god emperor. If there is one more quasi-god emperor, plus Pangu God The quasi-god emperor of the demon palace, who can compete with the three major demon palaces?The expressions of many Primordial Gods and Demons became extremely heavy.The expressions of Lingxuanjian and others have also completely changed, and they are under tremendous pressure.Xuantian changed his former indifferent expression, his expression became solemn, and with a wave of his hand, thousands of green glows spread across the sky. Under the cover of these green glows, the pressure on Lingxuanjian and others was reduced a lot, but they were even more serious. Worry about it.The Emperor of Life…There was a loud voice in the huge flame hall. It was exactly the voice of the quasi-divine emperor of Zhurong God and Demon Palace. Step into the divine emperor, but you have to accept Huangyu\’s punishment, endure endless suffering, and die six times before you can finally become a divine emperor.As far as the god emperor is concerned, it will surely surpass many emperor daos. There are only a few imperial daos in the world that can compare with it. road. \”Above many emperors, that is, the strength is even more terrifying than the other god emperors…Everyone who heard these words was shocked, even Ling Xuan Jian and others were no exception. No one thought that Xuan Tian would have such terrible potential.I went to the path of the emperor of life, it was obtained by accident. As for whether I can become a god emperor, I dare not hope that I can only take one step and count one step. It is natural to be a god emperor. Xuantian said slowly.
The mentality is good, but since ancient times, there has never been one who can come to the end of the Emperor of Life. There has been no before, and there will be no in the future. You have just killed me, a top-level god in Zhurong God and Demon Palace. Demon, you are destined to die. Don\’t expect to be able to resist it. You are only a godly level. Even the emperor\’s way of life cannot match me. You will be destroyed.\”Accompanied by the supreme majesty, endless eight-color flames emerged from the Great Flame Hall, instantly covering tens of thousands of miles of the area, but these eight-color flames covered the blue light, and the two touched each other. Qing Mang was shattered on the spot.Xuantian\’s face turned pale, and he immediately waved his hands again and again, and shot out a stronger green light, but he resisted, only watching the eight-colored flames fall down.Chapter 1554 Thin God and DemonXuantian\’s eyes showed endless blue light, and they rose from the sky, colliding with the eight-color flames. Under the impact of the two, there were endless waves, which filled the distance, and many ancient gods and demons had not had time. Avoid it, get involved and turn into powder.A wisp of blood flowed down from the corner of Xuantian\’s mouth, his face was extremely pale.The way of the emperor of life is really terrifying. You are only at the pinnacle level of the gods, and you can resist my power of attack. If you become a quasi god emperor, few people in the same realm can match you… The mighty and majestic voice revealed the killing intent.

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