This way of carrying children makes people in the market look at it frequently. Jian Xi doesn\’t see it. She doesn\’t think Xiao Siyu is a burden when she strolls around. Zhang Rong once advised Jian Xi to put Xiao Siyu in the cave, which will make it easier for her to stroll around, but Jian Xi didn\’t agree. She\’s new here and she\’s not familiar with it, She didn\’t dare to put Xiao Siyu in a strange place.

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Anyone who can survive the catastrophe already possesses great luck. Coupled with the inheritance of the Primordial Ancients, as long as they don’t perish later, it will not be difficult to become an extremely strong one in the future. This is the spirit world has always There are rumors.Today\’s three major forces have divided nearly half of the spiritual realm. Although it occupies half of it, the spiritual realm is too big, and the real occupied position is less than one ten thousandth. Many places are vacant, just like Shanghai. Waiting for the place where people are, for a long time, there are not many other strong people passing by, this is because the area is too large.Brother Di Luo, I lost contact with my two younger sisters before. I wonder if you have seen them both? Shanghai said.Brother Lin\’s two younger sisters?Di Luoxuan shook his head and said, \”When we heard the movement arrived, Brother Lin was the only one present and you did not see your two younger sisters. I think they should have left.\”Oh! Shanghai couldn\’t help being a little disappointed.However, he was not too disappointed, because he did not expect Di Luo Xuan to see Mu Ningxue\’s second daughter. After all, he and Mu Ningxue\’s second daughter were separated by more than ten hours, let alone such a long time, even if they were separated. A quarter of an hour will pass by.Brother Lin, don\’t worry too much. This is the forest of Toro. It is not very far from the ancient capital. If your two sisters leave, they should go to the ancient capital. There is our Diluo family in the ancient capital. People, I can ask them to inquire and see if they can find it. Di Luoxuan said.Then thank you Brother Di Luo.Brother Lin is polite.Afterwards!A group of four continued to go to the ancient capital.And at the Shanghai teleportation location, one billion miles away to the east, in a dense ancient forest, an ancient ring fell into the mud.At this time, a small fierce beast plundered into the ancient forest. This fierce beast was a blue-eyed ancient wolf. Among the fierce beasts, its strength was only average, but its intelligence was higher than that of the average fierce beast. The blue-eyed ancient wolf who was running suddenly found the ancient ring and stopped immediately.The blue eye pupil stared at the ancient ring. The blue pupil ancient wolf was quite curious about what it was. After hesitating for a moment, seeing that the ancient ring did not move, he stretched out his head, but it was there. At this time, the ancient ring vibrated.Woo…The blue pupil ancient wolf was taken aback, his cracked teeth roared, his blue pupils stared at the ancient ring, his sharp teeth were covered with poisonous saliva, it was waiting for the contents inside. Jump out, then prepare to open your mouth and bite.suddenly!A chubby little figure got out of the ring and stretched out immediately.Ow…

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