Liu Qiaoling asked herself again. Before he could say anything, the young man next to him looked at Jane\’s beautiful face and flashed a trace of lust in his eyes. She sneered: \”you are a woman who pretends and doesn\’t know how to act like some. At your young age, you dare to pretend to be a level-4 alchemist? If you pretend to be a level-1 alchemist or something, we may still believe it. But you are too brave. When our Dan Martial Arts Association is really made of mud? Let you cheat in the name of the Dan Martial Arts Association alchemist?\”

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No need to say more. The purpose of your perishing God League, I have already learned from Friends of the Six Profound Daoists. You are to destroy another part of the inheritance of God to continue the lifespan that is about to be exhausted.The elder Tianshi looked at Leng Yihang, \”Let’s do it, how about we make an exchange? You use a part of your body to complement our part with the inheritance of the Destroying God, and then our part will provide you to complement yourself, how about? So you There is a complete inheritance of Destroying God, and we can also obtain a complete inheritance.\”Some inheritances are not unique, like the God of Destruction inheritance, which is one of them. As long as there is a suitable candidate, you can get this inheritance. The great elder of Heavenly Crack meant that he just let Leng Yihang complete it and stay behind. It\’s just a root of inheritance.Row!Naturally, Leng Yihang would not refuse, because this was only an exchange, and would not inherit the favor of the Shenmeng, so he preferred this method, after all, he did not have a great affection for the Shenmeng.The elder of Sky Split slightly nodded his head and turned his gaze to Shanghai, \”The little friend has opened up the road against the sky and is already qualified to enter the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace. I wonder if he wants to enter? If you want to enter, follow the rules set by the leader. , I will inevitably open the way to Extreme Ice Emperor Palace.\”Of course! Shanghai nodded.Extreme Ice Emperor Palace, it was the place where the god emperor was inherited before the immemorial age, and it was also a non-human god emperor. He wanted to see it. Of course, it would be full of crises, but for him, these crises should also be there. Not a small opportunity.After fighting against the three young alliances, coupled with the appearance of the Great Elder Tianshou, a desire to hit a higher level surged in Shanghai\’s heart.Since the little friend is going to enter, I wonder if the little friend can let me wait and send someone in? The Great Elder Tianshou said suddenly.Let you send someone in? Shanghai and Leng Yihang looked puzzled.Little friends do not know that this road against the sky is the property of the leader. I have no right to enter through this road at all. Only the one who breaks through, that is, the temporary master of the road against the sky, can lead people. Qualifications, so you have to consult, if the little friend is unwilling, then forget it.” The Great Elder Tianshou said slowly.
I heard that although Shanghai understands it, it feels a bit strange for the leader of the Fallen Alliance. Even the strong of the Fallen Alliance are not qualified to step into it. This is too confusing, but this is also good, if it is really not. If you are willing to let someone in, the other party will not send someone.
Then by waiting for others, you can go deep into the road against the sky.
The Great Elder Tianshou said: The Extreme Ice Emperor Palace is full of dangers, and there may be a crisis of death. This is the image of the strong sent by our alliance in the past. You can take a look at it first.\” The voice fell. With a flick of his hand, I saw a white light shining by, and with the distortion of space, a crystal barrier emerged.Immediately!A avenue leading to the deepest part of the extreme ice sea appeared in the crystal barrier. This avenue was recorded with the ultimate ancient pattern, which consumed an unknown amount of precious treasures, and continued to the deepest point. The depths of the sea continued to rise. The icy sky is extremely cold, and the coldness of these cold air is more terrifying than the outside.At this time, a large number of figures emerged, and they were the powerhouses of the Perish League. Each of these powerhouses revealed a palpable aura, including the existence of the peak god king, and even a god who took the lead. , A group of people embarked on a road against the sky.In the next scene, even Shanghai couldn\’t help but change his face. I saw the violent celestial cold air rushing directly into the road against the sky. In the blink of an eye, 30% of the strong, more than 3,000 people, including The two pinnacle gods were killed by freezing on the spot and turned directly into ice crystals…By the time this road against the sky was completed, there were only less than a thousand people who were originally tens of thousands of strong people, and these people consumed a lot of money.A huge ice palace appeared in front of you, and the surrounding waters were almost frozen. When these thousand people fell, suddenly the surrounding ice crystals surged, and a terrifying water giant leaped out. Survive in the extreme cold of the sky, and the strength is terrifying to the extreme.When all ten giant beasts in the water area were killed, the remaining number was only more than 300 people, and the image disappeared when it arrived here.Ten thousand carefully selected strong men, only six people survived in the end, one of them is the gods, and the other six are also the pinnacle gods. The deaths and injuries are too heavy… The elder Tianshou was helpless. Sighed.

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