Not only did the old man with black hair think so, but the seven old men on one side all nodded.

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The earth was smashed out of a big pit, and the surroundings shook violently. The evil spirits kneaded together like a pile of meat. Although there was still a breath, it was almost destroyed. His eyes were dull and revealing. The color of fear, that is the fear of death.Watching this scene, and then seeing Shanghai floating on a high place with a cold face, the strong people present were suddenly dumb. Even the six men and one woman, their eyes showed shock and surprise at this moment, and more It is fear, the color of deep fear.I underestimated him… The eyes of the man surnamed Meng flickered with surprise, but he soon recovered.The expression of the emperor Shengtianzhi remained the same as before, without the slightest change, but deep in her beautiful eyes, there was still a hint of strange color. Although she already knew the result, she did not expect that Shanghai would be so ruthless with the shot, almost giving the whole person to madness. Abolished.Your Royal Highness, you let Shanghai take a shot at Kuangxie, although you will let him vent his last hatred, but it has also caused a lot of trouble. I am afraid that the Kuangzun God King who protects the short will not give up so easily, Kuangzun. The ability has reached the peak of the god king, almost quickly entering the first class of the gods, and his methods are extremely harsh, even if he hurts his disciples, he will pay a great price, not to mention the abolition of his son… It was heard that it was one of the two god kings.Even if he doesn\’t take action this time, the next time he encounters madness, he still has to take action against Shanghai with his wicked character, so it\’s better to solve it all at once. I owe a favor to the king of madness, so I have to take it with me. Frenzy, and this person lacks the endurance, but likes to provoke right and wrong, which is not good for entering the secret area, just because he has lost his combat power, it can reduce some troubles.When the emperor Shengtianzhi said this, she glanced at Shanghai, and then said: \”If he can leave here alive, the King of Kuangzun will indeed find trouble for him. Without the protection of the Six Profound Gods, he will inevitably be in danger. , And by then, he will inevitably come to me…Don’t think I don’t know that the divine fruit in Pinming’s palace was picked by his little beast…\”Chapter 1411Because of the dismissal of madness, the powerhouses who were not interested in Shanghai were immediately full of jealousy. Although the strength of madness among the crowd can only be regarded as medium, the few who are present are sure to be able to remove the top ones. Outside of defeating, the rest of the people are not very sure, let alone the madness and wickedness like this.There is no taboo in the shot Guojue. This is the evaluation of the powerful people in the heart of Shanghai\’s previous practice.Afterwards!The group of people set off in a mighty manner.Shanghai pulled Mu Ningxue, and the two were separated from the emperor Sheng Tianzhi and the others. The two were talking and laughing. Mu Ningxue occasionally heard a silver bell-like laughter, and he could hear it. The rest of the strong behind the emperor Shengtianzhi panicked.Traveling with the United States is a great joy in life. What\’s more, it is still so stunning. Those who carry the United States are happy, but the rest are extremely unhappy in their hearts, but they dare not say anything.Although he was talking with Mu Ningxue, Shanghai had separated a part of his mind and injected it into his body, mainly intending to see the recovery of the mysterious qi. After all, this thing is his biggest assassin, and it can be reversed at a critical moment. The role of the universe.When the mind touched the mysterious aura, Shanghai suddenly felt astonished, only to see the thunder emperor seal surrounding the mysterious aura, circling the mysterious aura continuously, and at the same time absorbing the power overflowing from the sea of ​​qi, transforming this power Become a more refined force, transported into the mysterious air.And the mysterious air that has exhausted its power is absorbing the transformed pure power, slowly recovering, and now it has recovered a little and a half, which shocked Shanghai\’s heart. It was not the mysterious air that shocked him. Recovery, but the Thunder Emperor\’s Seal, unexpectedly voluntarily conveyed pure power to the mysterious qi, and it was still unreserved…If it were just an ordinary treasure, Shanghai would not be so shocked. The key is that this is the Thunder Emperor\’s seal, the imprint of the God Emperor, with the will of the God Emperor in it, and it is like a follower, conveying essence to the mysterious energy. Pure power.What is the origin of this mysterious atmosphere? Shanghai thought in his heart. Judging from the situation at this moment, this mysterious aura is going to surpass the Thunder Emperor\’s Seal, and the Emperor\’s Seal belongs to a part of the God Emperor\’s will. If it is above the God Emperor, is it a fairy in the legend?At this thought, Shanghai\’s heart was violently shaken, but immortals are only in legends. There are no traces of immortals in this world, even if there are no traces of them, there are real dragons, as well, although many ancient wild beasts There is the blood of a real dragon in the body, but it is not a real dragon, but a fierce beast that is as powerful as a god emperor, and it is self-named as a dragon.

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