Jane Xi opened the door. A young monk stood outside the door and told her that someone wanted to see her, which made Jane Xi ask in some doubt, \”Oh?\” Jane Xi Dai Mei gently picked her eyebrow, then wrinkled slightly, and then asked, \”who, how many people are there?\”

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The power contained in the eucharist of the wonderful sound divine piano is extremely terrifying, even if it overflows, it is equivalent to a steady stream of high-level gods.The spirit of Shanghai perceives that Bi Yuelan\’s body is getting more and more chaotic, and the seven colors of brilliance seem to be stranded together, but he did not rush Dong Shu, because at the moment Bi Yuelan is still in a semi-comatose state, if he rushes to make her body If there are abnormalities, it will be even more troublesome.I\’ve said that Bi Yuelan has completely recovered after Hualongshui\’s conditioning. Why does this happen? Isn\’t it because of the original body? Shanghai frowned slightly, looking at Bi Yuelan immediately. Divine Sense was injected into her sea of ​​knowledge.soon!The memories of Bi Yuelan after waking up appeared in front of Shanghai one by one. Looking at these memories, his heart was touched again.This stupid girl is doing stupid things again… There was helplessness in Shanghai\’s heart, but there was a hint of warmth in it. Through everything in his memory, he already knew why Bi Yuelan was like this, and that was because After waking up, she learned that she was in trouble, plus she thought she was too weak before, so she worked hard to cultivate the Nine Heavens Immortal Sound.She did this because she didn’t want to be a drag on Shanghai in the future, but instead she wanted to help Shanghai and be one of his supporters, but she didn’t know that her body was just getting better, and she couldn’t bear such frequent practice, so she became crazy. NS.For the gods, it’s almost impossible to get into the evil spirits, but Biyuelan is cultivated by the body, with distracting thoughts in his heart, and over-cultivation, which led to the current situation. General physique.In the Primordial Era, it was one of the ten major physiques, coupled with the nine-day immortal sound, the seemingly weak technique, but it was full of domineering power.Now that she understands Bi Yuelan’s situation, Shanghai will naturally not hesitate. Bi Yuelan’s delusion is not serious, as long as she helps her adjust it, and immediately the divine power poured into her body, assisted by the divine mind. Down, touching the seven special brilliance.This is the unique seven-string divine light of the Eucharist of the Miaoyin Divine Qin, and it is also the foundation and origin of the Eucharist of the Miaoyin Divine Qin.At the moment he touched it, Shanghai realized that his thoughts were a little too simple, because the power contained in each seven-string divine light was extremely terrifying, far beyond the range he could bear. It was just the power of the basic body. If it is the power of all the wonderful sound of the Divine Qin Eucharist that extends in Bi Yuelan\’s body, let alone him, even if the Divine King is here, it will be difficult to start.To unlock, you must first shake.boom……All the divine powers poured in, and Shanghai\’s eyes became solemn, but he was unmoved, his face changed slightly, all the divine powers could not shake one of the seven-string divine lights, and as time passed, they expanded more and more. The more cumbersome, you can\’t wait any longer.The Primordial Demon Seal was suddenly opened, and all the powers of the 12,000 envoys were instilled. After reaching the level of the Fifth World Exalted, Shanghai was fully able to withstand the power of these two thousand envoys. Under these forces, the original The seven-stringed god king who did not move resolutely trembled slightly.Moved……Since it is active, that is a good thing.Shanghai didn\’t dare to relax his mind, but continued to urge all the power to let the seven-string divine light slowly follow the original path. In the process of swiping, he felt a unique rhythm, this This kind of rhythm is possessed by the seven-string divine light itself, which contains obscure and ancient meanings.Although I couldn’t feel it, it gave Shanghai an inexplicable sense of touch. The eighth form, yes, it is the eighth form of the nine forms of Taishi. He actually felt it through this unique rhythm. It was originally What is not clear enough has become so clear now.

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