A zither waved gently with Jane Xi\’s jade hand. It appeared out of thin air on the carpet covered with white fur of unknown species of monsters. It was the ancient Qin that Jian Xi got from Huaiyu\’s cave above the earth.

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Can\’t just give up like this, Shanghai suddenly woke up, he still had the last remaining consciousness, if he didn\’t fight, there would be no chance.Fight!After converging all his thoughts, Shanghai desperately urged the last remaining consciousness to use the Nine Deadly Immortal Techniques, continuously injecting strength into it.The ancient seal is already full and full, and it is obviously close to the top, but it is still a little bit, Shanghai always feels a little bit worse, his consciousness has almost completely disappeared, and all the flesh and blood of his body has begun to dry up, and he has obviously walked quickly. Into the rhythm of old age and death.the last point……Shanghai gritted his teeth, with the last bit of resilience, violently spurred the power of the Nine Death Immortal Technique, and rushed into the ancient seal.The ancient seal, which was already full and full, seemed to be unable to hold it any longer. At the moment when the power of the Nine Death Fairy Technique was completely injected, a click came, and the ancient seal was shattered, and then it was broken. The vitality contained in it was completely broken, and through the crack in the seal, it quickly returned to Shanghai\’s body.The body that was almost exhausted quickly recovered, and the fading consciousness of Shanghai gradually recovered.Successful… The recovered Shanghai was pleasantly surprised, but in the next moment, his face changed again, because apart from the sealed lifespan and vitality overflow, the terrifying heaven and earth suffocation contained in the ancient seal also rushed from it. Came out.How terrifying is the amount of this evil spirit of heaven and earth, Shanghai has seen it, if it is all activated, it is almost equivalent to the power that broke out when the ancient quasi-god emperor Yan awakened, and even the god king might be annihilated. kill.With such a terrifying force rushing into his body, it would be difficult for him to survive even if he had the Eucharist of the Ancient Demon.I just broke the ancient seal and won my life, so I\’m going to perish again… Shanghai\’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom.Chapter 1311 Primordial Demon Sealboom……The terrifying suffocation came out, tearing pain came out, seeing the body was about to be completely shredded, suddenly there was a loud bang from the sea of ​​knowledge, as if in a distant era, the sky of war drums were beating and resounding. Like heaven and earth.I saw it!The sacred seal of the five elements in the sea of ​​knowledge suddenly opened, and the five inheritance halls completely emerged, and inside, the 12,000 demon ancestors opened their eyes one after another, they came alive, opened their mouths one after another, swallowing The suffocation of those heavens and earth into Shanghai\’s body.The vast and extremely vast world of evil spirits are constantly being absorbed by 12,000 demon ancestors and swallowed into the body. The five inheritance halls of the Five Elements Seal are constantly turning and swirling, and a series of ancient runes emerge one by one, as the last one. The moment the rune was completely transformed, the Seal of the Five Elements was completely opened.boom……The ancient breath emerged from the five-element sacred seal, and a special mark fell into the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness in Shanghai.

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