Jian Xi looked at the outside array. It was just a temporary defensive array. It could not persist in the attack of five primordial monks for a long time. It must be as soon as possible, \”don\’t worry, let me try\”.

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When I was thinking, Shanghai suddenly heard who the consciousness belongs to, weak water, yes, it is the consciousness of weak water in the spirit of law that I encountered before. The divine consciousness extended again, and only the depth of the passage appeared. A lot of peculiar water droplets.Spirit of Law…And the number is quite large, and the weak water is located in it.Eye pupils flickered, Shanghai took a deep breath, his right arm straightened suddenly, and as the power of God revolved, the whole right arm showed an ancient and obscure rhythm. It was a special rhythm, full of Prehistoric breath and power.Taishi nine styles!Compared with the Taishi Nine Swords, this Taishi Nine Style is more powerful because it is swung out with the arm as a spear.Shoo…Four black lights were cut off on the spot.Cut off…The old monster Nantian was shocked, his face became complicated and ugly. No one knew Heimang’s tenacity better than him. It was made from the deep black chain of the middle heaven of God’s Domain, and it took him a whole 10,000 years. Time to refining is successful.It was cut directly by Shanghai with his arm, and it seemed that the magical skill displayed was so profound that he could not see through it. He had seen Shanghai perform the third-grade magical skill before, and now this magical skill is not the one previously performed. , And the quality of this magical skill is much higher than that of the third-grade magical skill.obviously!This is a higher magical skill than a third-rank magical skill. It may be a second-rank or even a first-rank…Thinking of this, Old Monster Nantian\’s heart trembled violently, his speed was extremely high, his physique was amazingly strong, and he was able to comprehend third-rank or even higher magical skills. This kind of comprehension is really terrifying. If Shanghai grows up, it will definitely Will become one of the leaders of this era.This son can\’t live, he must die… A strong killing intent emerged in the old monster Nantian\’s heart. He has made up his mind. No matter what, he can no longer let Shanghai survive. Otherwise, once Shanghai grows up in the future, he There is no doubt that he will die.after all!Who can comprehend the third-rank magical skills before the third world deity, it is pitiful, and what is even more terrifying is that this son not only comprehends the third-rank magical skills, but also the existence of higher-rank magical skills. The understanding of such evildoers is extremely terrible. Yes, maybe ordinary cultivators don\’t value comprehension much, but reaching the level of the Nantian Boss is very clear about the importance of comprehension.It is much easier for a powerful person with a high understanding to break through the shackles of the realm than for ordinary people. If it is those enchanting guys, if they encounter a big encounter, it is not difficult to jump to several levels, or even a whole realm. This is from Since ancient times, it has not been uncommon.The killing intent became more and more intense, and the old monster Nantian moved his body and his speed soared by nearly half, and he was only three feet away from Shanghai.boom!

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