Jane Xi was a little flustered, turned her head slightly, avoided her eyes as bright as stars and asked, \”you\”

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Shanghai\’s breathing became rapid, and his eyes were filled with surprises. Unexpectedly, a blue spirit fairy crystal could be dug out from the ground, and it was the size of a fist. This is extremely rare, even in the ancient times. It would be good to be able to find a blue spirit fairy crystal the size of a rice grain.Blue spirit fairy crystal is an extremely rare treasure and a material that can be widely used. Among the middle-level barren patterns, there are six kinds of barren patterns that are mainly made of blue spirit fairy crystal. Objects are also of great benefit to cultivators.At that time, I felt that the blood of Old Monster Nantian was absorbed by the ground rather strange, but I didn\’t expect it to be because of this blue spirit fairy crystal.If Old Monster Nantian knew that there was a fist-sized blue spirit fairy crystal here, and it was still at his feet, I wonder if he would vomit blood on the spot? Shanghai laughed.Immediately Shanghai put the Lan Ling Xianjing into the Tiangang Ring. As for the corpse of the Venomous Dragon and Snake King, he did not let it go. He threw it directly into the small cauldron of Tiangang Ring and swallowed it for the Poison King. After doing all this, look at the Poison Dragon Cloud The world, after losing the control of the poisonous dragon and snake king, has gradually dispersed.After a while, when the poisonous dragon cloud world was almost scattered, Shanghai swept out, and Shennian scanned the surroundings at the same time.No trace of Boss Nantian was found, and he was already far away from here.Shanghai didn\’t rush to leave, but returned along the original road, heading towards the void before, where there was the lair of the poisonous dragon and snake king.Perhaps because the poisonous dragon snake king died, there are only a dozen poisonous dragon snakes here. There are poison pills from the poisonous dragon snake king in Shanghai. Those poisonous dragon snakes dared not come close, and they all flew far away when they saw Shanghai.It seems that there is no need to waste time.Shanghai put away the Thunder God Spear, swept through the spirit, and soon noticed the lair of the poisonous dragon and snake king, and immediately went straight into it.The Lair of the Poisonous Dragon and Snake King is located in the void. It is a place made of various archaic spars. The overall appearance is an oval shape. Shanghai has searched for a circle, but obtained some rare materials, but the treasure is not there. , Was about to leave, suddenly noticed a jade piece embedded in the spar from the corner of his eye.This object is the size of paper, and the whole is bronze, but its material is a kind of jade that has never been seen before.Shanghai smashed the spar with a punch and took out the jade piece. When the tentacles, he felt the weight of the jade piece, like a mountain, which surprised him greatly. The film is not the size of a palm, but it\’s like this again.If it\’s not for the strong enough in your own body, it\’s really not easy to hold this jade piece in your hand.Under curiosity, Shanghai pinched the jade piece with two fingers and pinched it hard. The jade piece is intact, so hard? I tried again, this time all my physical strength was exhausted, and the jade piece remained motionless.It turns out to be like this… Shanghai frowned, hesitated, took out the Thunder God Spear, aimed at the jade piece, and pierced it out with all his strength.call out……The Thunder God\’s spear stabbed on the jade piece.Shanghai\’s eyes opened slightly, and he looked at the jade piece intact in astonishment. What was even more shocking was that there were no scratches in the place where it was pierced.

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