\”Oh, it\’s all right. It\’s all done.\” Jane Xi didn\’t deliberately say anything. She let them pass. If they didn\’t want to go, she would go back and pack it for Xiao Siyu while it wasn\’t cold.

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And Sen Luo also got a chance to refine the sword pond, which surprised Shanghai very much, but it was relieved to think about it. The handwriting of Gu Xuanzong this time is really not small. In this case, he owes the favor. It\’s getting more and more, but I can\’t push it back.Taishi Nine Swords…Do not!To be precise, it should be Taishi Nine Spears. This supreme magical skill with spears is far more powerful than Taishi Nine Swords, but Shanghai did not use them. For one thing, the power needed to condense the spears is too great. , Second, the Evil Divine Spear cannot support the power of Taishi Nine Spears. Once used, the Evil Divine Spear will definitely burst.The power of Taishi’s nine spears far surpasses the frozen world, but the cost of displaying it is very high. Even in Shanghai now, it is impossible to wield a complete Taishi nine spears. It was possible to use it before. The reason why the power of the god pattern is injected into the body.Without the assistance of Taishi Divine Rune, it is impossible to wield a complete Taishi Nine Spears at all.After taking in the nine spears of Taishiji, he couldn\’t swing it…This is what makes Shanghai helpless. With the power of the Taishi Nine Spears, if it is swung out, it will not be difficult to instantly kill a powerful person at the level of the world. Could not be activated.Shanghai estimates that if you really want to wield Taishi\’s Nine Spears, you won\’t be able to use it unless you reach the level of the Third World Zun.Three Worlds…I don\’t know how long it will take.Shanghai shook his head and did not continue to think about it. Anyway, the Taishi Nine Spears were in his own hands, and others could not take them away. As long as the realm was reached, they could still be used.After coming to God\’s Domain, I haven\’t rested yet. Shanghai planned to rest for a while, but at this time, elders came to visit one after another.Three days later!Shanghai finally sent away the last elder, and during this period of time, he has gained a great deal. Every elder and deacon will give a meeting gift. Of course, most of the gifts inside are very precious, so the hall is Many rare treasures have been accumulated.However, most of the treasures are not very useful to Shanghai, because what he possesses is the sacred body of the ancient demon. Ordinary treasures simply cannot allow the sacred body of the ancient demon to condense the blood of the ancient demon, only those rare treasures. Only the best source of God can do it.Shanghai, why don\’t we go to the sword pond to practice? Sen Luo suggested. He was the happiest in the past three days, because of the many treasures, the ones that Shanghai doesn\’t use have been thrown to him. It can almost be said, Sen. Luo has been absorbing these treasures these days.With the help of the treasures, Senluo’s strength recovered quickly, and he was more attentive in his control of his own power than before. After seeing the scene of Shanghai wielding Taishi’s Nine Swords in the ancient land of Taishi, plus After the elders of the gods came to visit these few days, Sen Luo was greatly stimulated and decided to practice quickly.Seeing that it was okay for the time being, and the parents\’ news was still inquiring, Shanghai nodded and decided to see the Jianchi of Ancient Xuanzong.Jianchi!

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