The two beasts are now larger than normal beasts, but this is also the result of their own adjustment. If they recover their original body during the battle, they must be about two meters tall.

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Of course we know it is too virtual domain. Withered Wood said in a deep voice.As long as you know, let\’s go, don\’t come again. The leader of the gods domain powerhouse waved impatiently.Go? Withered Wood and the others\’ expressions became more and more serious.At this time!Tai Xun stood in front of everyone and said, \”This fellow Taoist, I was invited by the Heavenly Zhanzong Sect.\”Invitation from the Heavenly Battle Sect? The head of the gods domain powerhouse turned his face and completely changed, \”It turned out to be a fellow daoist invited by the Heavenly Battle Sect. It\’s easy to say, easy to say. Just now, Xue someone didn\’t know, how offended it was. No, no. Do you know that you can have the invitation mark of the Heavenly Zhanzong?\”Here! Tai Xun\’s eyebrows moved, and a special mark emerged.Sorry, the inferior is offended.The leader of the gods domain powerhouse looked at Tai Xun\’s expression a lot, and immediately glanced at Shanghai and the others, \”This fellow Taoist, Taixuyu has the rules of Taixun, and Taoism can only bring two accomplices to enter. , The rest are waiting, I\’m really sorry…\” When it comes to the back, I can\’t help but feel a little embarrassed.I know the rules here, this brother was also invited by Tian Zhanzong. Tai Xun pointed to Shanghai.Naturally! This fellow Daoist can also bring two entourages. The leader of God\’s Domain powerhouse said quickly.Um!Tai Xun nodded his head, and immediately said, \”Brother Lin, I will explain to you in detail later. You can choose two people to enter together. If the rest of you, it is better not to step into the too virtual realm, so as to avoid any accidents. \”OK.Shanghai nodded.Soon!Both of them have chosen people. Tai Xun naturally chose the two strongest entourages, while Shanghai chose Mu Ningxue and Ming Yuyan.He brought Mu Ningxue with him because he was worried. As for Ming Yuyan, she was going to get to know her. In addition, her current strength is not bad, she has the Battle Armor of the Underworld, and can help protect Mu at critical moments. Ningxue, as for Shengmu and the others, naturally they have to go back to the resident of the wood world first.A group of six people, under the attention of this group of gods domain powerhouses, entered the too virtual domain.Brother Lin, this too virtual realm is in the battlefield of the gods. Over the years, it has been occupied by the major forces of the lower heavens of the gods. It is very difficult for the powerhouses of millions of small worlds to enter this place. Tai Xun sighed. road.

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