In an upper room on the third floor of the inn, when Xiao Siyu took a bath, Jane Xi put on a set of cotton pajamas for him, which Jane Xi found in her collection. She forgot when she received these children\’s clothes, but now it seems that some underwear and pajamas are more useful than others. There is really no way to wear other children\’s clothes in this place.

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Brother, come back soon…Ling Xuanhao was shocked, and rushed forward, grabbing the Ling Xuan Sword that was about to rush into the enemy formation, and pulled it back. Although it was pulled back, the Ling Xuan Sword was covered with blood, and the body was covered with large and small scars. , And some scars are deep into the bones.Even if it was Lingxuanhao, he was shocked. If he took a step slowly, the Lingxuan Sword would be lost.Boom boom boom…The world is dim and dark, the space is shattered to the extreme, and the fight continues. After the melee, no one knows who it is. There are those who are deeply trapped in the enemy line and are difficult to get out. Knowing that they will die, they immediately burst out all their power, on the spot. perish together.Tragic!There are tragic scenes everywhere.An hour passed, and the battle had reached a fever out……The powerhouses of the world-sovereign level on both sides began to take action. Ling Zhantian took the lead. The god tiger bone knife in his hand slashed through an arc and directly slashed at the opposite demon emptiness. The Lord Huang and others also took action, and they faced each other. The opponent who has long been pegged.boom……The sky trembled, and a large number of stars burst into pieces.How horrible it is to fight against the powers of the Three Worlds noun level, any aftermath can kill tens of thousands of powers, but they will not do it, because doing so would be a taboo, and the other side\’s powers Will also stop them.Ling Zhantian, your ability is still the same as before. There is not much change. Moxu\’s figure is heavy, and the two are constantly intertwined. The god tiger bone knife instantly cuts out how many tens of thousands of ways, and the strength between the two continues. The collision erupted with a terrifying aftermath. Fortunately, the two of them were located on the topmost sky, otherwise they would cause extremely terrible damage.You are almost the same. Ling Zhantian snorted coldly.Ling Zhantian, in fact, we don\’t have much hatred ourselves. We just have to do this because of the situation. We have fought with you for ten years. I really don\’t want to watch you die, but…I can\’t stop…If it\’s the end, You\’d better squat yourself, so you will die a little bit easier. The demon Xu stopped talking.What do you mean……Ling Zhantian noticed that something was wrong, and it seemed that they had overlooked something. Looking at the devil\’s helpless appearance, he suddenly realized what had been ignored. The nine gods, yes, from the beginning to the end, there were none of the nine gods. Appeared.No! Lord Huang, go back quickly… Ling Zhantian shouted loudly.return to?

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