Jane Xi appeared in the family\’s room in her pajamas. She had no time to change her clothes, so she had to hide. If she didn\’t come again, the boy would die.

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Speed ​​upright!Yes, it was the profound meaning passed by the Speed ​​God King. At a critical juncture, Shanghai had actually realized such a trace. Although there was only a trace, it benefited him greatly. The ubiquitous airflow turned into countless rays of light, and he felt it.Extremely fast!With a flash of Shanghai\’s figure, he escaped from the lock of the divine law, and avoided the deadly finger dangerously and dangerously.What… he escaped… Divine Art was shocked. This is a blow he must kill. Not to mention the half-holy lord. Even the Third World Venerable would not want to avoid it easily, but Shanghai actually avoided it. , And it was avoided intact.If you hadn\’t seen it with your own eyes, Shenfa would never believe that such a thing would happen.Looking at Shanghai swept horizontally, Shenfa noticed that Shanghai\’s body skills had become erratic, containing a very obscure and profound meaning, which he could not lock at all, which made him even more shocked. Although he had only 30% of the power in his heyday, he was an intermediate god after all, and he couldn\’t even lock Shanghai.Could it be that this kid has cultivated a third-rank or higher magic skill? Impossible, only a god spirit can cultivate a third-rank or higher magic skill, but the profound meaning that emerges from him is only available with a third-rank or higher body skill and magical skill… Semi-Holy Master Level, the fourth worlds reincarnation artistic conception, and also comprehend the third-rank or higher body technique and magical skills, even if it is only a fur… The magical eyes are flushed, and the eyes are full of extreme jealousy.When he was about the same age as Shanghai, his strength was only at the level of the Three Worlds Reincarnation Artistic Conception. At that time, he was already very arrogant, but compared with Shanghai today, he is a world, according to the qualifications and growth of Shanghai. Speed, he felt that once Shanghai fully grew up, it would be difficult for him and the True Underworld God Clan to survive.This is a terrible kid…God Ling…You actually gave birth to such a son, why is he not my descendant, but your descendant… I hate that he must die and can\’t let him live anymore.The killing intent in the eyes of the gods is more concentrated, and his arms stretched out, and the void was completely frozen by him. This is the special ability of the gods, and it is also the strongest ability he has-freezing the void, and freezing the void with the general strong Different, this is a complete freeze.Shanghai, which was flying by, was immediately imprisoned.Shenfa slowly raised his hands, the five fingers were slightly open, and they were flush with his chest. The frozen void was incorporated into his palm. As long as he pinched, the frozen void would be completely shattered, including all the inside. Everything, and Shanghai.call out……An ear-piercing sound came, and only a faint strange flame came. Although it was only the size of a thumb, it easily penetrated the frozen void and burned it, as if the ice melted. Shanghai The area where it was all unlocked.The Flame of Yellow Spring…Shanghai looked at the fading flames in surprise, only to see a beautiful figure flying by, and it was Ming Yuyan who had already left.The stunning and cold face was full of worry and anxiety, as well as the decisiveness that I had never seen before. Seeing Ming Yuyan at this moment, Shanghai\’s heart was slightly moved.

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