\”Tell me, how can you refine this kind of broken thunder pill used in the Jin Dynasty? This kind of broken thunder pill is difficult to collect. It\’s very difficult to find the demon pill of the second thunder beast alone. The second thunder beast is very rare and very difficult to kill. It\’s really not easy to collect all the herbs! How did you collect these materials?\” Jane Nan was very curious about Jane Xi. When he fell, he was also out of the body. He knew how rare the broken thunder pill was. Even his old friend worked hard at that time to get together the refining materials and refine one or two heats of broken thunder pills. He and she got two before they were promoted. Unexpectedly, Jane Xi made this pill with her own strength.

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Shenhai laughed wildly, and immediately wiped out his vitality, because he knew that Shanghai would never let him live.Step into your back?Maybe it will in the future, but it is definitely not now, let alone before the complete destruction of the True Underworld God Race, Shanghai is standing upright.Shanghai, where are you going? Ming Yuyan couldn\’t help asking.God is in the city, first send a big gift to the gods of the True Underworld Protoss in order to report the disaster it brought to the ancient Protoss… Shanghai said without looking back.The disaster brought by the ancient Protoss… Ming Yuyan shrank her body, and her beautiful eyes immediately revealed her resentment, \”I will go too.\”Um!Shanghai paused, nodding slightly….Wanxianyu God is in the city.As the largest gods in the city, there are tens of millions of strong people here. Of course, all of these strong people are everywhere in the city, and almost 90% of them are going out. Even so, there are still more than one million strong people. Go back and forth to God\’s Lincheng every day.At any time, there are a large number of powerful people coming and going at the eight entrances of Shenlin City.At the beginning, there were occasional troublemakers in Shenlin City, but the guards in the city blocked those troublemakers one after another. After being thrown into the mining area, no one dared to make trouble in Shenlin City.As in the past, the powerhouses of the millions of small worlds entered and exited the city of God.suddenly!There were shocking sounds in the distance, the void was constantly distorted, and two figures flew across the sky.The powerhouses who were entering and leaving the city of Shenlin stopped one after another, looking at the two people who came by, with a little sympathy in their eyes, of course, they were more to watch the excitement.Are these two fools? Don\’t you know that flying skimming is prohibited in the Shenlincheng area?It should be an ignorant guy who has been outside for a long time and has never been to Shenlincheng.These two are going to be unlucky.

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