This scene shocked Shanghai and Ming Yuyan on the spot. They had seen the power of the sharp teeth of the Xuanyan Holy Tortoise. Even if the power of the Holy Master level was bitten, there would be death and no life, and it was like fog. Such a man actually exploded with a punch.

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Yeah! Ming Yuyan nodded slightly.The two of them stepped onto the steps, and suddenly a pressure came out of their bodies, but to the two of them, this pressure was nothing.After stepping onto the second step, the pressure was even greater.obviously!The pressure on the steps is greater than the first level, and the rate of increase is also very high, almost doubling every step. Some people continue to step on the steps, and some people are constantly crushed by the pressure. Nearly half of the strong have stepped up the steps, but only less than 10% can reach the end, that is, thousands of people.Both terraces are staring at the steps.The guards of the gods are relatively more casual, but the attendants and guards of the independent small world are quite nervous, staring at each independent small world strong.Come on, come on… Yi Mei\’er\’s little hand was tightly pinched, and she kept cheering for the strong man in the small world who stepped onto the steps.The rest of the people also sighed, because more than 90% of them will be eliminated in the first round. As for how much will be left in the end, they can\’t predict. Naturally, they hope that the more powerful people in the small world can pass, the better.But!Judging from the current situation, it is not optimistic.The strong in God\’s Domain seem to be quite relaxed, while the strong in the small world almost always sullen their faces and gritted their teeth. There is no way. The difference between the aptitudes of the two is too great. It grows up in treasures, and few of the strong in the small world can have these resources.Even if the combat power is equivalent, but the qualifications are a lot worse, this is doomed to limited growth in the future.Someone successively reached the last step and entered the portal directly, but 80% of these people were strong in the realm of God.Only a few small world powerhouses managed to pass.This made Yilan and others\’ faces a little unsightly, but they continued to wait. As more and more people stepped up the steps, the number of powerful people in the small world gradually increased, and their faces improved a lot. , And even some cheered.Sister Lan, it seems that the small world powerhouses who passed this time are three or four times more than before… a blue-skinned man said excitedly.Well, it\’s not bad this time. Yi Lan nodded slightly, showing a rare smile.It seems that you are very satisfied with this assessment?There was a strange sound of Yin and Yang, and the man who opened his mouth was the man with a red mark on his eyebrows on the opposite terrace, his face full of playfulness.

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